Regulation for China Institute of Navigation Popular Science Education Bases (Trial)

Chapter 1 General Principle

Article 1 This regulation is hereby formulated in accordance with the provisions concerning the promotion of popular science education in Law of the People's Republic of China on Promulgation of Science and Technology, Outline of National Action Scheme of science Literacy for All Chinese Citizens(2006-2010-2020) (hereafter referred to as Outline of National Scheme for Science Literacy) and Regulations of China Institute of Navigation for the purposes of encouraging the participation of all parties, supporting the enthusiasm of navigation popular science education, making comprehensive use of relevant education resources to improve overall public science literacy. 


Article 2 Navigation popular science education bases referred to in the regulation are mainly institutes relying on education, scientific research, production and services etc.; open to the society and public; having venues, facilities or premises with the function of educating, communicating and popularizing of navigation science and technology.


Article 3 The regulation is applicable to the daily administrative work of navigation popular science education bases under China Institute of Navigation (hereafter referred to as the group) and local institutes of navigation may apply by analogy.


Chapter 2 Scope

Article 4 Mainly includes:

1)Scientific and technological, cultural and educational venues, such as the Science and Technology Museums, Maritime Institutions, marine-related cultural venues, public places and so on.

2) Production facilities (or processes), scientific and technological parks and exhibition halls open to the public .

3)Other institutes, venues or facilities carrying the function of science navigation education and exhibition open to the public.


Article 5 The navigation popular science education bases are entitled to carry out relevant activities and enjoy the preferential policies that the government and the group offer to non-profit PST (Popular Science and Technology) undertakings.


Chapter 3 Conditions

Article 6 Basic conditions for navigation popular science education bases of

1)Emphasis shall be laid on PST undertakings. The bases shall set up safeguarding mechanism to carry out the popular science work, bringing it into the working plans, annual assessment of working objectives and the awarding scope of the unit.

2)Fixed venues with certain scales shall be equipped for specific purposes on navigation science and technological education, communication and popularization.

3)Navigation popular science resources shall be provided with specific themes and various forms.

4)The bases shall be equipped with full-time as well as part- time staff to carry out the navigation popular science activities.

5)Enough expenditure shall be ensured to carry out usual navigation popular science activities.


Article 7 As an important platform and carrier that provides the public with popular science services, navigation popular science education bases may give full play to non-profit popular science manufactures and apply the relevant tasks of Outline of National Scheme for science Literacy to grass-roots unit in accordance with national, local deployments and arrangement within the system in combination with conditions of their own. Implementation plans and relevant public-oriented activities should be carried out by the bases who shall at all times create conditions and give full play to their demonstration roles through the advantages of their own and ensuring opening time and attendance.


Article 8 The bases shall constantly improve their service quality and level on popular science. Special attention shall be paid to establish fixed relationship and working mechanism with local community, schools, troops, other enterprises and public institutions to collaboratively develop the social popular scientific activities which shall be effectively close to reality, life and the masses with their own characteristics; the bases shall also pay special attention to the co-founding and share of popular science resources, absorbing and utilizing the outstanding resources from various aspects as well as developing the relevant exhibitions and resources with our own characteristics.


Article 9 Construction of talent teams shall be enhanced in the education bases. Full and part-time stuff training shall be carried out in a planned way, organizational structure of PST experts should be formed, and volunteer team should be actively developed.


Chapter 4 Application and Identification

Article 10 Qualifications for application

Those venues or facilities may voluntarily apply for being the education bases for popular science of navigation, which conform to the above conditions with distinctive characteristics of popular science activities, performing a remarkable demonstration role in PST undertakings.


Article 11 Application procedures and steps

1. Application materials. Application units shall provide the authentic and accurate materials as follow:

1)Application Form for China Institute of Navigation Popular Science Education Bases See Chart 42-2

2)Application report. Contents include basic conditions of the units, reasons for application and work performance. Besides, the following materials shall be provided in the form of attachment: basic condition forms of personnel, management system (including finance system), current annual PST working plan, all kinds of PST activities carried out in the previous years or related materials.

3)Other materials that shall be committed upon request of the application units.

2. Acceptance and Recommendation. The combination of location and industrial system shall be adopted. The units shall be recommended by affiliated agencies, unit members or local institution of navigation with filling forms of suggestions, after which the application shall be made to China Institute of Navigation.

3. Review. The secretariat of this group organize the review, after review of office meeting of directors, and then submit to the council or Executive Council for approval, of which approval results will be executed public hearings for seven days.


Article 12 Identified Names.

After public hearings, the group names it as Navigation Popular Science Education Bases and issues the certificate as well as the plaque. The certificate and plaque of Navigation Popular Science Education Bases in this group are seriously and authoritatively reviewed as professional identification of honor with five-year validity, and shall not be transferred or damaged.


Chapter 5 Management and Service

Article 13 The approved name Navigation Popular Science Education Bases should be the unit member of China Institute of Navigation, abiding by regulations and relevant provisions of China Institute of Navigation, and performing its duties as well as obligations.

Article 14 The units of ‘Navigation Popular Science Education Bases’ with approved name can give clear indication to the public and suspend its plaque awarded by this group in relevant places, accept business guidance of this group, take part in activities relating to popularizing navigation knowledge, and mustn’t engage in activities against the national laws and regulations or activities for illegal profits in the name of the base.


Article 15 Navigation Popular Science Education Bases should regularly report annual activities to this group, and back up documents and audio-visual materials such as text, photos as well as videos of popular science activities, classifying these into the unit’s archives of business activities.


Article 16 Superior sponsoring units shall assume leadership responsibilities for the construction of Navigation Popular Science Education Bases. They should provide places, personnel and basic fees, etc, to strengthen its internal construction, expand its business space, improve service ability and levels of science and technology, and coordinate to solve practical difficulties timely. Navigation Popular Science Education Bases should take the initiative to obey superior sponsoring unit, report details of construction and activities promptly, present work plans and summaries to strive for the support.


Article 17 This group executes business guidance and dynamic management for Navigation Popular Science Education Bases, and organizes regular assessment. Those, with expiry date of being named and qualified comprehensive evaluation, can be continually named as Navigation Popular Science Education Bases of this group.


Article 18 Disqualification

With one of the following situations, the name Education Bases will be revoked, and certificates as well as plaques will be taken back:

1)violate laws and discipline

2)advocate heresies and feudal superstition

3)damage public interests but refuse to correct after being pointed out.

4)don’t meet requirements listed in Chapter Three hereof, or fails to fulfill obligation of the Base, and have been identified as unqualified through comprehensive evaluation.


Article 19 This group needs to create favorable conditions for the Base to carry out science popularization activities. They should provide support and services, market characteristic resources through the media and network propaganda, guide  the Base to strengthen the construction of business, organize to actively participate in vital science popularization activities such as National Science Popularization Day and National Science and Technology Activities Week, etc.


Chapter 6 Supplementary Provisions

Article 20 This regulation has been approved at the 7th council executive director of the third meeting on April18th, 2013 and implemented since June1st, 2013.


Article 21 The secretariat of this group is responsible for explanation of the regulation.