Admission Notice

China Institute of Navigation (CIN) mandates real name registration on its official website. Users registered at the website should be bound by the agreement. The website may revise the articles at any time, so regular checks of the website notice to be informed of any revisions is recommended. If you notify the website that you do not accept any changes, you will be denied access to the website. Your continued use of the website will be deemed acceptance of the changes and related restraints.


Membership Registration:

1.Ordinary Membership

To become an ordinary member, you could simply log onto the website and fill in real and complete information.

2.Premium Membership

Professionals who have been frequently participating in academic exchanges of the website, after registered for an ordinary member, may apply to be a premium member by providing two photos, copies of ID card, membership fees, etc.


VIP members include CIN senior members, honorary members, councils, executive members of councils, secretariats, those who have paid membership fees for four years in a lump sum, etc.

4.Obligations of Members

1. Members should comply with related laws and regulations and are prohibited from publishing violent or pornographic materials on line.

2. Members should provide authentic information and not be involved in IPR or other legal disputes.

3. Members should not post information that is inconsistent with the column or post repetitively.

4. Members should mind their language when leaving comments.

5. Members should undertake any civil or criminal responsibilities brought by their comments or behavior.



Annual Fees:

Learn more about the fees and preferential policies in related regulations of CIN.


Use of the Website:

1. Members should consent to use the website for legitimate purposes only.

2. Members should independently bear the risks from sending personal information to enterprises or other users registered at the website. The website assumes no responsibility regarding conflicts among enterprises (whether they locate in China or not) and individuals.

3. The website reserves authority to modify member information.

4. Your information will not be disclosed. The website shall keep your personal information completely confidential to avoid any negative effects.

5. Premium members are entitled to access the database of the website and make inquiry, but are prohibited from using the rights for any law-breaking or illegitimate purposes.

6. Premium members may browse through the website and apply to be moderators or administrators of the online fora.

7. VIP members may view all news, literature and fora, etc.; have the priority to become moderators of online fora and participate in the selection of outstanding papers on navigation; download files such as pictures, slides and visual teaching materials; post news, pictures and products upon approval; take part in all preferential activities.

8. The website reserves the rights to adjust service charges or other fees at appropriate time and to change or terminate memberships should the members refuse to accept the new charges.

9. The website takes no responsibility for the information posted by members. All members should consent to and assure the authenticity of the information they publish. Meanwhile, the website is not responsible for contents in websites which it has hyperlinks to. Hyperlinks are merely navigational tools on the Internet. Considering characteristics of the Internet, the website does not guarantee operation without malfunctions, nor does it ensure the website and its servers will not be attacked by viruses or other malignant organizations.



1. Members should not present incomplete, false or inaccurate information.

2. No personal information or confidential business information shall be disclosed without approval from the involved parties. Sending spams to members is also forbidden.

3. It is prohibited to attack the website in any form, including logging onto unauthorized servers or accounts; accessing exclusive databases; detecting, testing or disrupting the security of the website; interfering with the website in providing services to its users, etc. Individuals or entities that tamper with the systems or cyber security of the website shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

4. It is prohibited to send, disseminate or store materials that violate others’ copyrights, trademark rights, business secrets or other intellectual property rights, others’ privacy as well as laws and regulations on the website. It is prohibited to send, disseminate or store information that slanders, abuses, intimidates or harms others as well as vulgar or obscene information. Once found, the website is entitled to disqualify the members and ban their access.


Copyrights and Trademark Rights:

All logos, pictures, contents and HTML on the website are its intellectual property, thus are protected by the Copyright Law and the Trademark Law. No one shall download or copy them without written consent from the website. All rights reserved.


Applicable Law and Limit of Jurisdiction:

Users and the website shall abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of China and comply with the jurisdiction thereof. Any disputes on website shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.


Special Announcement:

The CIN official website reserves the power of amendment and interpretation regarding the User Service Agreement.