Second Notice on the Call for Papers for Asia Navigation Conference 2024

Second Notice on the Call for Papers for Asia Navigation Conference 2024

CIN (2024) No. 25-1

To Whom It May Concern:

The Asia Navigation Conference (ANC), jointly initiated and organized by the China Institute of Navigation(CIN), the Japan Institute of Navigation (JIN) and the Korea Institute of Navigation and Harbor (KINH). Since its inception in 2002, the conference has been successfully held 22 times. ANC 2024 will be hosted by the China Institute of Navigation at the Beijing Guoce International Convention and Exhibition Center on October 30-31. The call for papers for the conference is now open, and the specific details are as follows:

Ⅰ.Conference Theme:

 Advancing the Development of Green and Intelligent Navigation

Ⅱ.Scope of Papers:

1. Navigation and ship manoeuvring

2. Ship technology and oceanic structures

3. Modern marine engineering management

4. Electronics and information technology in the shipping industry

5. Automatic control and cargo handling equipment

6. Maritime education and training

7. Port construction and coastal area development

8. Other topic related to maritime technology

Ⅲ.Submission and Requirements

1. Chinese participants should submit their papers to the Secretariat of CIN. Papers must be original, well-written, unpublished works with no issues of academic misconduct or multiple submissions.

2. Please send the full paper in English(Word file) to the designated submission mailbox: by July 31, 2024. The template can be found in the attachment, and the email subject should be "ANC Submission-paper title".

Ⅳ.Paper Acceptance: 

CIN will arrange experts to review the submitted papers, and the acceptance notification will be sent to authors by the end of September. Papers accepted and presented by Chinese participants will be issued a certificate of participation by CIN; Authors of award-winning papers will receive cash prizes and be recommended for publication in our partner journals after the conference. Unaccepted papers can be handled by the authors after receiving a notification from CIN.

Ⅴ.Conference Registration:

1. Registration fees for Chinese participants: 2100 RMB for regular attendees, 700 RMB for student attendees. Registration fees for international participants: 300 USD for regular attendees, 100 USD for student attendees, 150 USD for accompanying persons.

2. The official language of the conference is English, and Participants must be able to present and discuss their papers independently in English..

Contact: Wang Yan, Department of Academic Exchange

Tel: 010-65299872


Attachment: Paper Template

China Institute of Navigation

25th April 2024