Notice of Invitation to Participate in the IAIN 2024 Nautical Science and Technology/Education Achievement Exhibition

Notice of Invitation to Participate in the IAIN 2024 Nautical Science and Technology/Education Achievement Exhibition

Document of CIN〔2024〕No.56

All relevant units:

The IAIN World Congress 2024 hosted by the International Association of Institutes of Navigation (hereinafter referred to as "IAIN") and organized by the China Institute of Navigation (hereinafter referred to as "CIN")will be held on October 29th-30th, 2024 at the Beijing GUOCE International Convention And Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Developing Navigation Applications, Empowering Human's Future", the Congress will invite China Satellite Navigation Office(CSNO), China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange(CISTE), GNSS and LBS Association of China(GLAC), The Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics(CSAA), China Classification Society(CCS), Dalian Maritime University, China Transport Telecommunications & Information Center(CTTIC), China Waterborne Transport Research Institute(WTI), Tianjin Research Institute for Water Transport Engineering, M.O.T., and many other units to participate in. The number of domestic and international participants is expected to reach 800, and the topics of the congress will include: navigation terminal technology, radar navigation, navigation sensors, autonomous navigation and navigation and positioning, intelligent transportation, green navigation, navigation data applications, and etc.In order to promote communication and exchanges between participating units, highlight the new products, equipment, and achievements in the field of navigation and aviation, and to promote industrial development, a science and technology/education achievement exhibition will be held during the same period of the congress, and the achievements of industrial development and enterprises will be showed in the form of display boards. According to the best display degree and cost performance, the following exhibition board display forms are planned for exhibitors to choose according to their needs. The specific recommendations are as follows:

I. Options for display board form

(1)Option 1: Double-layer wooden display boards, Size: 3m*3m, Quantity: No more than 16 pieces.

(2)Option 2: Wood molding display boards, Size: 3m*3m, Quantity: No more than 24 pieces.

(3)Option 3: Double-sided soft film light boxes, size: 1.5m (width) * 2m (height), Quantity: No more than 16 pieces.

II. Suggested display content and requirements

1、Display content

The latest products, technologies, achievements, etc. of the units and industrial development should be introduced, and both pictures and texts are required.

2、Requirements for texts and pictures

(1)Double-layer/wooden modeling display boards, 3m*3m, Pictures: 6-8 High-definition vector ones, Text: 500-800 words. Relevant files should be provided if videos are needed.

(2)Double-sided soft film light box, 1.5m*2m, Pictures: 4-6 High-definition vector ones, Text: 300-500 words.

 Application Procedures

Please fill in the attached Application form for Nautical Science and Technology/Education Achievement Exhibition and send it to the China Institute of Navigation by May 10th to the following e-mail address:

Ⅳ Contact Information


Zhao Jianhu, Tel: 010-65299862   Mobile: 18526315127

Dalian Zhengtianle Technology Service Co., Ltd.:

Xia Sinan, Mobile: 15041118792  


Attached File: Application form for Nautical Science and Technology/Education Achievement Exhibition.   

China Institute of Navigation

April 9, 2024