Grouping Scheme of Attending the 2016 Asia Navigation Conference

Grouping Scheme of Attending the 2016 Asia Navigation Conference



To all organizations concerned:

Asia Navigation Conference (ANC) is an annual regional joint symposium of Japan Institute of Navigation (JIN), Korean Institute of Navigation and Port Research (KINPR) and China Institute of Navigation (CIN). The ANC 2016 will be held at Yeosu, Korea on November 10th-12th, 2016. ANC 2016 accepted 26 academic papers recommend by CIN. Therefore, CIN has drawn up the grouping scheme in accordance with the principle of active participation and appropriate scale. Now the scheme is to be publicized.

I. Personnel composition (10 members from subordinate organizations of Ministry of Transport)

Leader of the group (1 person):

Wang Qun, Secretary General, CIN/China Rescue and Salvage of Ministry of Transport of PRC

Memberships (9 persons):

  • Cai Yao, Dalian Maritime University
  • Yang Tingting, Dalian Maritime University
  • Han Zhitao, Dalian Maritime University
  • Zhang Bo, Heibei Maritime Safety Administration
  • Wu Haining, Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration
  • Li Chunxiao, Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration
  • Zhou Yinping, Three Gorges Navigation Authority
  • Huang Zhaoxia, Wuhan Rules & Research Institute, CCS
  • Rao Hui, Wuhan Rules & Research Institute, CCS

II. Mission and itinerary

  • Mission: Invited by the Director of KINPR, the above authors of papers from subordinate and local organizations of Ministry of Transport, organized by CIN as a group, are to attend the ANC 2016, make speeches during the conference, take part in the opening and opening, closing and awarding ceremonies.
  • Conference Time: The group is to attend the ANC at Yeosu, Korea on November 10th-12th.
  • Itinerary: The group is leaving for Yeosu on November 9th and will return to China on November 13th.

The publicity period is within five working days (since the date of publication). Anyone who has any questions regarding the above publicity, please call or visit the Secretariat of CIN during the publicity period.

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