Cooperation of Hebei-Tianjin Ports to Build a Collaborative and Efficient Logistics Ecosystem

Hebei Port Group Co., LTD and Tianjin Port Group Co., LTD recently signed the Concerted Action Letter for Jointly Building World-class Port Clusters in Tianjin, conscientiously implementing the deployment of ports coordinated development proposed by Tianjin and Hebei Province, insisting on resource sharing, mutual routes opening, co-organizing activities, personnel exchange and first-class benchmark. They will jointly promote the construction of a world-class port cluster that is safe, convenient, smart, green, cost-effective, and highly supportive, and contribute port strength to serve the high-quality development of the regional economy.

In the letter, Hebei Province and Tianjin agreed to cooperate, adhere to the staggered, interactive and integrated development, optimize the layout of regional containers, bulk cargoes and others, improve the division of functions, and jointly improve the service level of port logistics hubs, to build a more competitive world-class port cluster. In addition, they committed to building a collaborative and efficient logistics ecosystem, promoting the co-construction and sharing of inland dry ports, optimizing the allocation of comprehensive logistics resources, vigorously developing multimodal transport and rail-water transport, and jointly establishing a regular consultation mechanism for hinterland services of bulk cargo and others, so as to improve the normalized communication mechanism for port production business and ensure the industrial chain and supply chain open and stable.

Hebei and Tianjin port enterprises will strengthen in-depth cooperation with the Administration of Customs, MSA, Ministry of Transport and other departments, carry out interconnection and mutual recognition of information platforms, optimize customs clearance processes, and provide a port business environment for customers, which has higher efficiency, shorter stay in port, and stronger security, lower comprehensive logistics costs and better services. They will comprehensively develop the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region on the waterway, further cooperate to improve the layout of the branch line network in the Bohai Rim, give full play to the resource advantages of all parties, increase the existing container routes, actively open up new routes, and jointly build a coordinated, efficient, open and shared route transportation system.

Hebei and Tianjin will give full play to the leading role of the Project of A Country With Strong Transportation Network, which includes the intelligent transformation of the container terminal in the Jingtang Port Area of Tangshan Port and the construction of a world-class smart green port by Tianjin Port Pacific International Container Terminal Co., Ltd., and promote the construction of smart ports through technological empowerment and innovation drive. They will jointly promote the green port construction in Bohai Bay, the port energy conservation, emission reduction and clean production, and promote the application of new energy, such as wind energy, photovoltaics, and hydrogen energy, build a low-carbon energy system for port clusters, and create a number of near-zero-carbon demonstration terminals.

Cao Ziyu, party secretary and chairman of Hebei Port Group Co., LTD, said he hoped that the signing of the contract would be an opportunity to accelerate the construction of a world-class port cluster in Tianjin and Hebei, promote the collaborative development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, to make a greater contribution to the construction of a world-class strong port and the acceleration of making China a country with strong transportation network.

Source from: China Traffic News