Low-sulfur Heavy Marine Fuel Oil Launched in Shanghai

Recently, low-sulfur heavy marine fuel oil is launched in Shanghai. After production, the first batch of 6,000 tons of fuel oil will be trialed in international shipping lines.

According to International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships published by International Maritime Organization (IMO), from January 1, 2020, only fuel oil with no more than 0.5% sulfur can be utilized worldwide. It is 86% decline than the current standard-- no more than 3.5% sulphur. On the demand of the domestic and international market, China starts to supply low-sulfur heavy marine fuel oil instead this year.

Based on the advantages of the superior refining and processing capacity and coastal location, manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai take the initiative to do research on the formulation of low-sulfur marine fuel oil with scientific research institutions. In September last year, the analysis showed that the hydrogen residual oil samples basically met the requirements after adjusting the techniques. With their own product mix and technical characteristics, manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai have carried out a trial scheme for producing hydrogen residual low-sulfur marine fuel oil, and have reconstructed the production site of devices. Finally, they succeeded in the No. 6 oil refining combination unit.

Source: People's Daily Online