「China Institute of Navigation-- Chang Yung-fa Grants」 Management Regulations(Revised in 2016)

「China Institute of Navigation-- Chang Yung-fa Grants」 Management Regulations

Approved in the 6th round of the 7th routine meeting of the directors of CIN on Dec. 20th, 2013

Approved by Chang Yung-fa Foundation, a foundational juridical person on March 10th, 2014

Revised in May, 2016


Ⅰ General Principles

Mr. Chang Yung-fa donated for the establishment of「China Institute of Navigation (CIN) -- Chang Yung-fa Grants」, expecting to promote the navigation development, cultivate the nautical talents, and encourage the underprivileged students from navigation departments of the maritime colleges and universities to study hard for the purpose of application. The following regulations are set for mutual compliance.


Selection Conditions                                   

1.Participants: Students from the maritime colleges and universities (Appendix 1)who are aspiring to work on board and are from poor families
2. Conditions: All the students to apply for and to be awarded the Grants must come from poor families and meet the following requirements , o(Outstanding performance is a plus):
1)Be excellent both in character and scholarship, disciplined and physically healthy, united and friendly, qualified in sports performance.
2)English grade of the academic year ranks among the top 30% of  the students of the same grade, or have passed CET-4(College English Test-band 4).
3)Take active participation in sea training, and haves the devotional spirit for the development of navigation.


Ⅲ Selection Procedures:the approval funding and interpretation of the regulations relating to the Grant fall to the responsibility of「China Institute of Navigation-- Chang Yung-fa Grants Regulatory Commission」. The selection procedures are as follows:( please see the Appendix 2 for more information).
1.Application: filed by the students themselves.
2.Submission: selected and submitted by the relevant colleges and universities (Appendix 3).
3.Approval:「China Institute of Navigation-- Chang Yung-fa Grants」 is responsible for the preliminary assessment, approval and final confirmation.


Ⅳ Disbursement procedures:

1.Amount: the round number of 80% of the annual tuition of the students, and each student would be granted 2,000 to 8,000RMB per year, totaling to 500,000RMB per year.

2.Disbursement:「China Institute of Navigation-- Chang Yung-fa Grants Regulatory Commission」disburses the Grants to students’ individual bank accounts in accordance with the final list of the aided students.


Ⅴ Administration and Supervision
1.Since 2014, the Grants has donated 500,000RMB annually the underprivileged students from the departments and majors that provide opportunities to work on board. 

2.「China Institute of Navigation-- Chang Yung-fa Grants Regulatory Commission」is set up to review the major issues of grant quota, , recipients’ list, and membership and tenure of the Commission.. The members are as follows:
Honorary director: Chang Yung-fa
Director: Yu Shicheng (executive vice chairman of CIN)
Deputy director: Wang Qun (secretary-general of CIN)
Zhang Jiancang (chief representative of Evergreen Group in mainland China)
Xu Jing (secretariat executive of CIN)
(If any member leaves office, his membership will be taken over by his successor.)

3.Application for review should be submitted to Chang Yun-fa Foundation, a foundational juridical person, after the donation is settled in November. The application documents are as follows:
1)Copies of the settlement material
2)Copies of the recipients’ recipient certifications
3)Copies of the recipients’ certificates of enrollment
4)Copies of other relevant materials including the students roll (the relevant data containing the students list, the amount of subsidies and the thanks-letters.)

4.The Grants awarding ceremony shall be held after November, and Chang Yung-fa Foundation is invited to meet the recipients and award them the certificates.
Note: the first「China Institute of Navigation-- Chang Yung-fa Grants」 awarding ceremony is expected to be held in Dalian.
5.The Foundation shall remit the donation after the approval review, the receipt of non-profit donations under the supervision of Ministry of Finance shall be provided by the Commission after receiving the donation. The remittance data are listed in Appendix 4.


Ⅵ Supplementary Provisions
1.The regulation shall be explained by「China Institute of Navigation-- Chang Yung-fa Grants Regulatory Commission」.
2.The regulation shall enter into force on the date of promulgation.


Appendix 1: List of schools
Appendix 2: Work planning
Appendix 3: Submission instructions
Appendix 4: Remittance materials