Implementation measures for the Scholarship of China Institution of Navigation

(The measures were approved by the second round directors’ office meeting of VII session of the council)



The scholarship is established to  stimulate the students of  navigation major in maritime universities to love their motherland and  specialty  and to encourage them to study diligently for  China’s shipping industry and to develop in an all-around manner-- morally, intelligently and physically.


2.reward range

2.1 The measures is  applicable to students in maritime universities and colleagues which are the members of China Institution of Navigation and to outstanding students who major in navigation in the junior colleges.

2.2 Number of award candidates in each academic year: There should be one candidate in every 400 students majoring in shipping; If the total number is less than 400, there will be one candidate; If more than 400,The exceeding part should  be rounded off with the proportion of 1/400.



3.1 Have a firm and correct political orientation and adhere to the party's basic line and the four cardinal principles.

3.2 Enthusiasm in navigation major, excellent in character and learning,abide by the laws and disciplines,unity and mutual aid,determined to work aboard, the spirit of sacrificing for the development of shipping industry.

3.3 Outstanding academic performance,academic achievement ranks among the top 5% of their major and grade.No make-up examination subjects.

3.4 A good health ,active in training on the sea, qualified sports achievements.

3.5 "Three Goods" students as well as outstanding students are preferred under the same condition.


4.Incentive measures

4.1 The scholarship is evaluated once in an academic year.

4.2 The students submit a written application first.Through the recommendation of the teachers,the universities and colleagues can recommend the evaluation committee to assess and select according to this measures. Then the schools choose the optimal and declare to China Institution of Navigation.

4.3 Students who earn the scholarship will receive the certificate of honour from China Institution of Navigation.

4.4 The name list of the students who obtain the scholarship will be notified to each school by China Institution of Navigation.And the name list is to be published on the website of China Institution of Navigation and in academic journals. Meanwhile, each school will hold a awarding ceremony to issue the certificates and bonus.


4.5 All the universities and colleges should submit the following materials to China Institution of Navigation before 31st of each October:

A. The students’ personal application form;

B.the number of students majoring in shipping (listed by their majors)

C. The application forms for the scholarship of China   Institution of Navigation (see Annex)

D.The scores of all the students’ courses in the school year;

E. The certifying documents issued by the school to prove the students rank among the top 5% of their major and grade.

F. School’s communication address, names of the contact persons, telephone numbers, faxes and the bank account information to receive the bonus(including the holder’s name, issuing bank and the account number)

Material 1 needs to be written by the students themselves(from the perspectives of :the significance of shipping industry, the recognition of navigation culture, the spirit of seafaring people who have no fear of hardships and dangers,individual’s love for the shipping enterprise and the determination to work on board),and the students’ autograph is needed.Materials 2,3,4,5 and 6 need to be sealed by the school.Failing to submit these materials to China   Institution of Navigation in the required time will be deem as a  waiver of the evaluation.


5.rewarding criteria

Each student who earns the scholarship will get 1500 RMB. In order to honor the all-around development of morality intelligence and physiology, especially the determination to work on board,one grand prize of 10000 RMB is specially established to encourage the students who are outstanding in very aspect.


6.Organizational Leadership

Each school should set up a recommendation and evaluation council for the scholarship under the leadership of related leaders.The council is responsible for recommending the candidates and their prize levels,reviewing the quasi name list and make detailed regulations for the implementation according to actual situation.Members of the council should be fair and responsible.

The Secretariat of this organization is responsible for the audit of the declaration materials, and performs related procedures according to the requirements of directors’ office meeting.The Secretariat also cooperates and  put forward some suggestions for the prize. This scholarship award is approved by directors’ office meeting.


7.Donation acceptance

This scholarship accepts donations from community groups and individuals. By mutual agreement, donors can enjoy the denomination of the scholarships and can designate the scope of granting the scholarships.The specific measures of the reward is made jointly by the secretariat of China Institution of navigation and donors and should be approved by directors’ office meeting.

The measures was approved by the second round directors’ office meeting of VII session of the council on 29th of May, 2012.And it came into effect since then. Former implementation measures for the scholarship of China Institution of Navigation was invalid simultaneously