Party Branch of China Institute of Navigation and the Maritime Remote Sensing Committee Carry Out Joint Learning and Promotion of Party Building Innovation

To carry out in-depth theoretical study programs of learning and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and to explore the Party building innovation between the Institute and its branches (professional committees), the Party Branch of the China Institute of Navigation and the Maritime Remote Sensing Committee of the China Institute of Navigation carried out a joint learning and joint building activity with the theme of “Sailing Towards a New Mileage in Party Building” on April 23. The activity was attended by 26 Party members and Party activists, including Yan Xiaobo, Party Secretary and Secretary-General of the China Institute of Navigation, Wei Ming, Director of the Party and Mass Office of China Waterborne Transport Research Institute, and Luo Lun, Chairman of the Maritime Remote Sensing Committee.

The activity conducted a survey of the Comprehensive Operation and Control Center of Beijing International Maritime Satellite Earth Station and the BeiDou System Research and Development Exhibition Room. Party members and officials learned about the development of informatization in the transportation and shipping industry, such as maritime satellite service guarantee, the global shipping information service system , and the informatization development of the Beidou system in the transportation and shipping industry. They understood the important role of satellite (Beidou) communication and remote sensing technology in providing strong technical support and guarantee in the fields of distress rescue, safty communication, production and operations, and social activities.

In the discussion session, party members and Party members and officials exchanged views on their respective Party building and business activities, keynoting the innovative measures for Party building in China Institution of Navigation and professional committee. Both sides expressed their intention to take this activity as an opportunity to strengthen the integration of Both sides expressed their intention to take this activity as an opportunity to strengthen and services, continue to maintain communication and cooperation, and boost the construction of the country with strong transportation network and shipping.