The China Institute of Navigation Hosts Training on Group Standardization Knowledge

In order to further strengthen the construction of group standards in the field of navigation, enhance the capability and level of professional committees, local navigation societies, member units, and related industry entities in participating in the formulation and revision of standards, and to meet the new requirements of group standardization work in the navigation field, the China Institute of Navigation held a group standardization knowledge training session in Beijing on April 10. More than 130 personnel involved in group standard work from 36 organizations participated in the online learning session. Yan Xiaobo, the Secretary general of the China Institute of Navigation; Chen Zongwei, Director of the Standard Center of the Academy of Science of the Ministry of Transport and Deputy Director of the Standardization Committee; Liu Shun, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Institute of Navigation and Deputy Director of the Standard Committee; Wang Wei, Director of the Standard Center of the Academy of Science of the Ministry of Transport; and some members of the Standard Committee attended the training session.

During the training, Secretary General Yan Xiaobo explained the significant importance of group standardization work and introduced the overall situation and strategic approach of group standards to the participants. Deputy Director Chen Zongwei delivered a specialized lecture on "Transport Standardization Policy and Key Tasks for 2024." director Wang Wei taught a specialized course on "Quality Control and Writing Methods in the Group Standard Compilation Process." Deputy Director Liu Shun interpreted key points for applying for the Science and Technology Progress Award of CIN (Standard Research Category), discussed issues in the management process of group standard compilation, and summarized the content of the training session.