Jimei University held the 2021-2022 Acadamic Year China Institute of Navigation - Zhang Rongfa Foundation Scholarship Award Ceremony

On September 7, 2023, the 2021-2022 academic year China Institute of Navigation - Zhang Rongfa Foundation Scholarship Award Ceremony was grandly held at Jimei University. The ceremony was attended by prominent individuals including He Jianzhong, the Chairman of the China Institute of Navigation (CIN) and former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport (MOT) ; Lei Wenzhong, a member of the Party Member Group and Vice Director of the Department of Transport of Fujian Province; Hong Wenjian, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Jimei University; Liu Wenxiang, a representative of the Zhang Rongfa Foundation, as well as leaders from various departments of the university, the School of Navigation, and the School of Marine Engineering. During the ceremony, Peng Yan, the Deputy Secretary-General of CIN, announced the list of scholarship recipients for the 2021-2022 academic year. 


     In his speech, Chairman He encouraged maritime students to cherish the present, study diligently to acquire solid skills, remember their mission, pursue the dream and make efforts to advance maritime technology self-reliance. He also emphasized the importance of inheriting excellent cultural traditions and promoting the spirit of maritime exploration in the new era. He hopes that young maritime students will always remember the guidance and instructions of President Xi Jinping, who stated: “A strong economy must be accompanied by a strong maritime and shipping nation.” “Young people should shoulder historical missions, maintain confidence of moving forward, set high aspirations, cultivate strong ethics, develop great talent, and take on significant responsibilities, striving to become the new generation capable of shouldering the crucial task of national rejuvenation.” He encourages them to bravely embrace the responsibilities assigned by the era, work towards becoming inheritors of the maritime spirit and pioneers in the maritime industry of the new era, and make their rightful contributions to the construction of a strong nation in transportation, the ocean, and shipping. 

     In his address, Hong Wenjian, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee at Jimei University, expressed that the university's construction and development have received caring and support from party committees, governments at all levels, various departments, and all sectors of society. He also highlighted the substantial support provided by the China Institute of Navigation and the Zhang Rongfa Foundation through their practical actions, which have greatly assisted the cultivation of maritime talent at the university, and promoted high-quality development of the university as a first-class institution featuring the integration of engineering and maritime. He expressed his expectations for maritime students as the "generation of a strong nation," who both create and witness history. He encouraged them to firmly commit to their ideal beliefs in the maritime industry, integrating their personal dreams of success into the broader dream of building a maritime power. He urged them to cherish their wonderful university years to actively develop the abilities required to adapt to society and shape the future, and take on the responsibility and mission of building a strong nation and national rejuvenation. He encouraged them to write remarkable chapters in their lives at Jimei University.

     In his address, the representative of the Zhang Rongfa Foundation, Liu Wenxiang, expressed gratitude to the China Institute of Navigation and Jimei University for their careful preparation of the 2021-2022 academic year Zhang Rongfa Scholarship Award Ceremony. He congratulated the award-winning students and expressed sincere hopes for their future success. 

     The student representative, Chai Rui, who received the scholarship, expressed gratitude in his speech. He stated that he would continue to uphold the spirit of Mr. Tan Kah Kee (Jimei's founder) and the university's motto of "Sincerity and Perseverance." With a solid knowledge base and the qualities of an excellent mariner, he pledged to contribute his youthful energy to building China into a strong maritime and transportation nation.

     Guests attending the ceremony presented certificates to the student representatives who received assistance and engaged in discussions and exchanges with the students present. CIN Chairman He Jianzhong, during these interactions, expressed his hope that the students would remember their mission, hold onto their dreams, bravely shoulder responsibilities, and make significant contributions. He encouraged them to start from themselves and take actions now to make the contributions that the youth of the new era should make. 

     Finally, Captain Tang Xizhong and Chief Engineer Guo Min from Evergreen Marine Corporation delivered a special lecture to and engaged in interactions with the students who attended the ceremony.

     According to the "China Institute of Navigation - Zhang Rongfa Foundation Scholarship Management Regulations," a total of 1 million RMB was allocated to provide the Zhang Rongfa Scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year to 275 outstanding but financially disadvantaged students from 20 maritime colleges on the Chinese mainland. Among the students who got the scholarship, 20 were from Jimei University, 1 from Jimei University's Chengyi College, and 4 from Xiamen Ocean Vocational College.