Chairman Huang Youfang Attended the 2019 Presidium Conference of IAIN in Warsaw

  On the afternoon of April 9, 2019, the International Association of Institutes of Navigation(Abbreviated as IAIN) held its first presidium conference in Warsaw, capital of Poland since the reshuffle in December, 2018. Chairman Huang Youfang, Senior Vice-President of IAIN, attended the conference and the 2019 annual conference of European Navigation Conference, which was held at the same time.

  Members in presence of the conference included the President, Senior Vice-President, Vice-President, the Secretary-General, Chief Financial Officers, representatives of the organizer and observers from some countries. The conference mainly discussed the recommendation rules for the awards of IAIN; representatives accredited in IMO, ITU and other international organizations and activity reports; the principle of website revision and its contents; rules for the election and term of office of the presidium; financial analysis reports and other issues. Royal Institute of Navigation and CIN, which would host the next two world conferences, briefed their preparations respectively. Chairman Huang Youfang said that although there was still some time to go until 2024 when we would host the conference, the CIN has already started preparations, such as selecting the venue, preparing the personnel and reporting the situation in advance. In the run-up to the conference, the CIN would continue to strengthen the contact and communication with the institutes of navigation and international organizations around the world, and improve its academic research level and experience accumulation in international activities, in order to strive for more and wider participation of relevant institutions and personnel in the world conferences of 2024 IAIN. This year marked the 40th anniversary of the founding of CIN. Chairman Huang took this opportunity to invite the members present to participate in the annual celebration activities of the CIN, which received an enthusiastic response. It was decided that the next session of the presidium conference of IAIN would be held in Dresden, Germany, on May 11, 2020.

  From April 9 to 12, Huang Youfang attended the opening ceremony, the parallel forum and the closing ceremony of the 2019 annual conference of European Navigation Conference and had an in-depth exchange with the members of the Europe Institute of Navigation and the Chinese representatives. The 2019 annual conference of European Navigation Conference was sponsored by the Alliance of Europe Institute of Navigation, the Poland Institute of Navigation, the Gdynia Maritime Safety Administration, and also supported by the European Commission, the Galileo-EGNOS Project, the IEEE and other institutes.

 (Source: Department of Academic Exchange Liu Ying Photography: Shi Zhaojian, Wang Yan)