The 4th Session of the 9th Standing Committee Held by Inland Ship Navigation Committee of CIN

  On the afternoon of March 8, the 4th session of the 9th Standing Committee of Inland Ship Navigation Committee of CIN (hereinafter referred to as the Navigation Committee) was held in Wuhan. A total of 30 committee members and representatives from Yangtze River Administration of Navigational Affairs, Yangtze Maritime Safety Administration and Hubei Port and Shipping Administration attended the session. The session was hosted by Guodian Shipping Co., Ltd. and presided over by Guo Guoping, Executive Vice Committee Director of Inland Ship Navigation Committee of CIN and professor from School of Navigation of Wuhan University of Technology.

  At the meeting, Vice Committee Director Zheng Yueliang, General Manager of Guodian Shipping Co., Ltd. delivered a speech to extend his warm welcome to all the leaders and members for their arrivals. Professor Guo Guoping made an annual report on the work of the Navigation Committee. He summarized the work in 2018 from the perspective of institute building, scientific research, academic exchanges, and put forward the work plan for 2019. Associate Professor Zhangjing, Secretary General of CIN, circulated CIN’s notice on the collection of 2019 academic papers and other related matters of 2019 World Transport Convention and 2019 Asia Navigation Academic Annual Conference . Discussions on the theme of collecting academic papers in 2019, the arrangement of the work plan of the Navigation Committee, and the adjustment of the members of the next committee were attended by all members who enthusiastically expressed their opinions and suggestions.

  Lijiang, Director of Yangtze Maritime Safety Administration, Gan Mingyu, Division Director of Yangtze River Administration of Navigational Affairs and Xu Dafu, Deputy Director of Hubei Port and Shipping Administration attached great importance to the work of Navigation Committee, put forward expectations and suggestions under the new strategic opportunity and historical mission for the development of Yangtze River Economic Belt, and respectively expressed that they will continue to give support to the work of the Navigation Committee.

  The participating members expressed their affirmation of the work and achievements of the Navigation Committee in 2018. Under the new current situation, Navigation Committee should strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other fraternal institutes such as Inland Maritime Committee of CIN, etc, continuously deepen the research field in light of the needs of the industry and play a much more significant role in society.