The CIN Holds the 2019 Secretary-General Salon in Ningbo

  On April 9, the 2019 Secretary-General Salon of the China Institution of Navigation (CIN) was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. A total number of 59 people attended the salon, including Cao Di, Executive Vice Chairman of CIN, the leaders and some staff of the Secretariat, as well as the leaders or representatives from the CIN branches and from CIN provincial and municipal levels. The salon was organized by the Marine Insurance Specialized Committee of CIN and presided over by Wang Qun, Secretary-General of CIN. Luo Peigen, Vice President of Donghai Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the salon.

  At the beginning of Salon, Cao Di, Executive Vice Chairman, first conveyed the main points of the work of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) in 2019 and the key tasks of CIN in 2019. He emphasized that 2019 marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and was also a crucial year to complete the building of a well-off society in all respects. The branches of CIN and provincial and municipal Institutions of Navigation should closely focus on the main points of the work of CAST and the key tasks of CIN, make the annual key plans of each unit, and solidly promote the implementation of various tasks in line with their own conditions. It is necessary to strengthen coordination, exchanges and cooperation among all parties to form synergy and promote the effective implementation of all work as a whole. The holding of the Secretary-General Salon activities should be constantly innovative, unique and efficient, and should unite everyone to work together for the construction and development of the CIN. 

  Wang Qun, Secretary-General of CIN,delivered Guidelines of the Ministry of Transport on Strengthening the Popularization of Transportation Science and Technology (Issued by Transportation Science Technology〔2019〕no. 9) at the salon, and he put forward some considerations for implementation in light of the guidelines and the actual work of the Institution.

  Gu Weiguo, Deputy Secretary-General of CIN, reported on the assessment of the branches of the CIN in 2018, commended the excellent branches and put forward specific requirements on the related work of the branches in 2019.

  During the team session, the representatives enthusiastically expressed their opinions. At first, the personnel of the branch discussion group collectively learned the relevant material of the newly revised General Principles of the National Association Organization of China Association for Science and Technology, and the participating members had a heated discussion on the current status, the development and management, and the financial management regulations and methods of the branches and so on; members of the discussion group of the provincial and municipal Institutions of Navigation made speeches on the theme of the development, reform and construction of the CIN, and mainly discussed how to better play their functions, serve the vast number of scientific and technological workers, learn the development

  This salon has further strengthened the cooperative relationship between the CIN and its branches and provincial and municipal Institutions of Navigation, built consensus, explored ideas and enhanced confidence, and laid a foundation for the work of the whole year. (Source: General Affairs Department Yang Binxu)