The CIN Held the Fifth Meeting of the Ninth Council

On January 7, the CIN held the fifth meeting of the ninth council online, aiming to thoroughly carry out the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, summarize the work of 2022, propose the key tasks in 2023, and promote the construction of a first-class institute with Chinese characteristics.

He Jianzhong, Chairman of the Institute, Zhang Baochen, Executive Vice Chairman, Mo Jianhui, Sun Yuqing, Fei Weijun, Zheng Heping, Lu Jing, Vice Chairmen, Yan Xiaobo, Secretary General, Cao Di, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and 127 members of the Institute attended the meeting. Representatives of non-governing branches and local maritime institutes attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. The meeting was chaired by Chairman, He Jianzhong.

He Jianzhong pointed out that according to the overall goals of the institute to create a first-class institute with Chinese characteristics, we should take practical and effective measures to achieve new results in four aspects:

First, we should reinforce the Party building and give full play to the role of the Party as a bridge and link among the vast number of maritime scientists and technological workers. We should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, further understand the decisive significance of the "Two Establishment" through study and publicity, consciously strengthen the "Four Consciousness", strengthen the "Four Self-confidence", achieve the "Two Maintenance", and constantly improve political understanding, judgment and execution. We should strengthen the Party's overall leadership over the work of the Institute, ensure the employment of personnel with both integrity and ability, the overall view of development planning, the guidance of academic forum discussion, the interests of policies and systems, and the Party conduct and discipline education in compliance with discipline, integrity and self-discipline. At the same time, the new era navigation spirit of "patriotic and dedicated, pioneering and innovative, fearless of difficulties and dangers, realistic and pragmatic, staying together, inclusive and cooperative" should be vigorously carried forward, widely publicized and actively practiced. We should earnestly strengthen the talent team construction of marine science and technology, conscientiously implement the tasks and measures of talent work, focus on cultivating young marine scientists and technological talents, constantly improve the evaluation mechanism and methods of scientific and technological achievements, and create a clean academic environment and moral standards.

Second, focus on the academic institute and constantly improve the academic leadership and strategic support of the "Maritime Science and Innovation" platform. We should create a brand of academic exchange and create academic exchange activities with diverse services, levels, scales, forms and features of navigation disciplines. We should refine the opinions of the think tanks, focus on the new trend of the development of green, low-carbon and intelligent shipping, promote the transformation and upgrading of shipping industry with digitalization in order to give full play to the advantages of high-level experts in the field of navigation, strengthen the construction of the think tank alliance, and improve the awarding mechanism system. We should accelerate the construction of first-class journals, focus more on the guidance of top talents in the field of navigation, pay more attention to the direction of specialization, precision and internationalization, improve the development system of journals with open, innovative and collaborative integration, and constantly improve the ability of resource integration, market service and international communication. We should bring forth new ideas to the carrier of maritime science popularization, select a number of Chinese maritime science popularization ambassadors, popular and influential popularization bases, popularization knowledge series, and the most influential maritime science popularization activities.

Third, we should adhere to opening up and strive to build a service platform and development model for collaborative innovation, cooperation and sharing. We should actively explore the integrated development pattern of production, education, research and application, promote the joint venture platform based on key enterprises leading projects and multiple participation, and carry out intelligent research, achievement transformation and collaborative innovation. We should establish a normalized exchange and cooperation mechanism with relevant international and regional scientific and technological organizations, and achieve new results and fruits in the Asian Maritime Academic Exchange, the International Technology Alliance of Port and Shipping, the International Association of Institutes of Navigation thematic exchange and cooperation, and the cross-strait, Hong Kong and Macao maritime science and technology collaborative development exchange. We should further participate in international maritime governance, improve China's competitive advantage in navigation, and cooperate with member units in the development of international talent training, international conventions, international standards and other aspects to put forward Chinese solutions and contribute Chinese wisdom.

Fourth, govern the Institute according to regulations and constantly improve the governance system and efficiency to reach the goal of building a first-class institute. We should further improve the system and norms of the Party Committee's pre-audit, the Council's decision-making, the supervision of the Board of Supervisors, the implementation of the Secretariat and the coordination of the branches. We should further refine the member-centered service safeguard measures, put the practical work of serving members in place, and effectively reflect their main position and role. With the help of information technology, we should promote the construction of "Smart Institute", improve the governance efficiency and create an online home for maritime science and technology workers. We will strengthen the construction of the professionalized team of the secretariat of the Institute, and truly build a politically reliable, business-savvy, hard-working, full-time as the main body, part-time as a complement of the office team.

Zhang Baochen, Executive Vice Chairman of the Institute, made the 2022 Annual Work Report. The meeting considered and unanimously approved the 2022 financial final accounts and the 2023 financial budget, the selection of the board of directors of the CIN, the change of the chairman of the branch, the recruitment of members, the Measures for the Administration of Members of the CIN (Amendment), the Measures for the Administration of Members of the CIN (Provisional) and other issues.

At the meeting, the Shanghai Institute of Navigation, the Fujian Institute of Navigation, the Professional Committee of Navigation History, Culture and Research, the Professional Committee of Water Transport Engineering, and the Professional Committee of Water Transport Safety Engineering Technology introduced the work achievements and work experience of their respective units around the theme of building a first-class Institute with Chinese characteristics and in combination with their work conditions.