The CIN Held 2023 China Maritime Science and Technology Innovation Symposium


In order to accelerate the maritime science and technology innovation, promote the high-quality development in shipping industry, better serve the construction of a new development pattern, and guide each unit on the declaration and evaluation of maritime science and technology awards, the China Institute of Navigation held the 2023 China Maritime Science and Technology Innovation Symposium on March 25. The symposium was hosted by Liu Ying, Director of Science and Technology Service Department. More than 100 science and technology managers and project researchers from more than 40 units in national shipping industry participated in the symposium online and offline. The participating units include enterprises and public institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Transport, China Communications Construction Group, China Cosco Shipping Group, China State Shipbuilding Group, China National Offshore Oil Group and other central enterprises. Colleges and universities of maritime and water-related majors from all over the country participated enthusiastically. Zhejiang University, Southeast University, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology and other key universities participated in the symposium organized by CIN for the first time.

Yan Xiaobo, the Secretary-General of CIN welcomed the participants in his speech. He pointed out that the scientific and technological work of the CIN has always adhered to the principle of serving scientific and technological workers, and constantly enhanced the integration of the industry-university-research-application function of the "nautical scientific innovation" platform. Secondly, it will carry out and lead the development direction of the discipline, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the concept of the progress of navigation science and technology. It will actively create research activities featuring multiple services, multi-echelons and multi-levels, various scales and various forms of navigation discipline. In recent years, CIN has continued to improve the system of science and technology awards and evaluation mechanisms with adhering to the evaluation oriented by quality, performance and contribution as a core, and it also has comprehensively and accurately reflected the innovation achievement, transformation and application of results and the actual contribution to economic and social development. In addition, the institute constantly works hard on the composition of reviewers, the refinement of the evaluation index system, the human-machine collaboration model, and the openness and transparency of information, so as to truly make the evaluation of results a baton for maritime science and technology innovation activities and a vane for the cultivation of innovative talents.

In the symposium, Hu Ya’an, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief engineer of Nanjing Institute of Water Transport Science, introduced his experience in writing application materials of high quality scientific and technological achievements, and deeply shared his understanding and thinking of participating in award application for many years. Zhu Jianhua, deputy director of China Waterborne Transport Research Institute and Xie Manying, former first-class Inspector of the Water Transport Bureau of Ministry of Transport, focused on public welfare projects, soft science projects and major engineering projects respectively, and combined their examples to provide valuable experience for the delegates to summarize and extract their innovative work. Liu Shun, deputy secretary general of China Institute of Navigation and Sun Dunping, senior consultant, explained management measures of maritime science and technology achievements evaluation and the declaration of maritime scientific and technological progress award and invention awards. The participants, both online and offline, asked questions actively and had an in-depth exchange with the experts.

Finally, Liu Shun, deputy secretary-general of the Society, expressed his gratitude to the experts and all the participants in the conclusion of symposium. Then he wished that everyone would continue to support the CIN and work closely in the follow-up contacts and cooperation to promote the development of shipping industry.

This symposium strengthened all units’ understanding of the relevant requirements on the science and technology awards and achievements evaluation management measures introduced by CIN, and played a guiding role for each unit in making a summary and promoting the maritime science and technology achievements application in the future.

Photo: experts who deliver speeches and the symposium venue