Chairman He Jianzhong Attended the 2022 China Maritime Day Dredging Forum and Delivered a Speech

On September 29, the 2022 China Maritime Day Dredging Forum was held both offline and online. The theme of the forum is " Ecological Priority, Intelligent Dredging ". He Jianzhong, Chairman of the CIN, Xu Guang, Executive Vice Chairman of China's Water Transport Construction Industry, and Zhou Jingbo, Vice President of CCCC attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

He Jianzhong stressed in his speech that under the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, China's maritime industry has developed rapidly, which has played an important role in ensuring and supporting the sustainable and healthy development of China's economy and safeguarding national sovereignty. China has become a large maritime country, a large port country, a large ship and marine engineering equipment manufacturing country, and is moving towards a strong country. As we enter a new stage of development, we should implement the new development concept, follow the new trend of green, low-carbon and intelligent development, and show new and greater achievements in building a new development pattern.

First, we must further promote the green and ecological development of the dredging business. We should accelerate the formation of green and low-carbon transport modes, effectively transform the development concept and development mode of the industry, comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of the dredging industry to green and low-carbon development, and continuously promote the upgrading of energy-saving equipment.  We will actively participate in the construction of inland high-grade waterway networks, green transportation infrastructure construction and other businesses to create green and low-carbon projects.   We will implement the green management of the whole life cycle of projects and reduce carbon emissions in the whole process of construction and building. We will continue to invest more in scientific and technological research and development, promote the research, development, application and penetration of green and low-carbon technologies, strive to become an active practitioner of green and low-carbon industries, and play a pioneering role in achieving the goal of "double carbon".

Second, we should further enhance the level of digital intelligence in the dredging industry. As a traditional dredging industry, it is necessary to vigorously develop intelligent transportation and intelligent shipping, promote cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to deeply empower the industry in order to achieve major technological breakthroughs and promote the traditional dredging industry to "change the core, strengthen the key, empower the intelligence, and integrate". By doing so, we will accelerate the reconstruction and upgrading of the industrial foundation, the optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain, and the comprehensive coverage of intelligent green, which will drive new models and new formats with new technologies, cultivate new driving forces and constantly improve the core competence of the industry so as to make new and greater contributions to the development of the national economy.

Third, we should further enhance the international influence of China's dredging industry. Before, the dredgers mainly rely on imports, and now, we have basically achieved the goal of "national ships are manufactured domestically". China has embarked on a road of independent innovation, but improvement should be made in the aspects such as the high-end equipment, industrial software, standard rules. We should further build consensus, deepen innovation, strengthen cooperation, enhance the industry's high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement, so that the core technology in our own hands; Further efforts will be made to build high-end flagship equipment to comprehensively enhance the international competitiveness of our dredging industry, and further participate in the formulation of international industry standards to earn international voice of the industry.

Fourth, we should further carry forward the spirit of navigation in the new era. The core element of navigation in the new era is " being patriotic and dedicated, pioneering and innovative, be realistic and pragmatic in spite of difficulties and difficulties, and cooperate in an inclusive way ", which is also the cultural heritage and value pursuit of the dredging industry. We should vigorously carry forward the spirit of navigation in the new era, turn value guidance into subjective action, and effectively enhance the sense of mission and responsibility. We should strive to practice the spirit of navigation in the new era, hone our ability in ordinary posts, and realize ourselves and pursue excellence in dedication; we should vigorously promote the new era of maritime spirit, further build the foundation of the construction of a strong marine country and shipping country in the dissemination, and provide reliable spiritual power and cultural support for building a maritime community with a shared future.

Experts in the fields of dredging, water transport engineering, ecological environmental protection delivered speeches on topics such as intelligent dredging operations, LNG trailing suction dredger development, ecological resource utilization of dredged soil, and blue bay governance technology. The forum was hosted by the CIN, China Merchants Group, China Waterborne Transport Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, undertaken by CCCC Dredging, the Water Transport Engineering Special Committee of the China Institute of Navigation, etc. The main venue was in the headquarters of Beijing CCCC Group. CCCC Dredging affiliated units and members of the Dredging Association attended the conference by video in Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other branch venues.