The 2018 Academic Annual Conference of CIN Successfully Held

On the morning of November 13, 2018, the opening ceremony of the 2018 Academic Annual Conference of CIN was held in Shangda Building, Jimei University. The conference was host by CIN, sponsored by Jimei University and Xiamen Institute of Navigation. A total number of over 210 representatives attended the conference, including leaders of the China Maritime Safety Administration, Rescue and Salvage, Waterborne Transport Research Institute of Ministry of Transport and China Classification Society, the experts of nearly 20 maritime universities and vocational colleges, for instance, Dalian Maritime University, Shanghai Maritime University, Wuhan University of Technology, Jimei University, Ningbo University, Chongqing Jiaotong University and Guangdong Ocean University, the scholars in the academic and industrial fields of navigation, such as China Maritime Pilots Association and major shipping companies, the representatives of 22 branches of CIN as well as local institutes of navigation, and the authors who have published outstanding papers in the field of navigation.

The conference was presided by Gu Weiguo, Deputy Secretary-General of CIN. Xie Chaotian, Vice President of Jimei University, firstly delivered a welcome speech to the conference. He claimed that the Academic Annual Conference of CIN was a grand annual event of China's navigation community, and the foremost platform for navigation academic exchange and services. With the joint efforts of the CIN and all experts and scholars in the field, the Academic Annual Conference of CIN has become a sharing platform for Chinese navigational workers to exchange experiences, internal information and pursue development. It has been an advantageous platform for displaying scientific and technological progress as well as academic research achievements in navigation community. It has played a positive role in leading the development and innovation of marine science and technology, promoting navigation growth, improving the level of navigation productivity and helping the construction of Marine Power.

Cao Di, Executive Vice Chairman of the CIN, said in his speech that CIN organized an annual academic conference to build an academic exchange platform for information interaction, mutual learning and experience sharing between experts and scholars. Over these years’ effort, this academic exchange conference has formed a relatively perfect research and discussion mechanism, which has become an advantageous platform for displaying scientific and technological progress and academic achievements in shipping industry. This conference has played a positive role in encouraging scientific and technological progress in shipping, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and helping the construction of Maritime Silk Road. After that, Cao Di put forward several suggestions for academic activities: firstly, we should fully utilize this platform and expand its impact by improving the quality and reputation of academic activities. Secondly, we should adhere to the guidance of high-tech innovation and thus push forward its transformation and development. Thirdly, we should give rise to the promotion of scientific and technological achievements and teamwork.

Shi Chaojian, Professor of Shanghai Maritime University, presided over the meeting of the main report session. Li Yang, Dean of China Waterborne Transport Research Institute, delivered a keynote report on Promoting the Construction of Transport Power by Innovation. Dean Li introduced the current objectives of the transport power(Water Transport Section): by 2035, according to the overall requirements, a modern waterborne system will have been basically built; the shipping of coastal ports and the Yangtze River will have taken the lead in realizing modernization; water transport development as well as the scientific and technological innovation have played a leading role in the world; Other fields also have reached the world’s developed countries including transport equipment, service quality, service guarantee and governance, for the purpose of meeting the needs of national security, economic and social development and people's better life.

Zhao Qingai, Secretary-general of Marine Pilot Committee and former Captain of COSCO Corporation, delivered a keynote report on Precaution is the basis for typhoon avoidance. Captain Zhao introduced that COSCO Shipping Group's typhoon avoidance Policy is to “give priority to precaution, avoid as early as appropriate, and make adequate room. The principle of "giving priority to precaution" means to get full attention mentally and offer support behaviorally. The connotation of " avoid as early as appropriate " is to discover, track, analyze, evaluate, judge and decide in an earlier moment. The true meaning of " make adequate room " is to realize early precaution, frequent warning, multiple plans, detailed plans, fine measures and remote avoidance based on risk management concept. The twelve-word policy fully embodies “prevention first” and corporate culture spirit of safety-first of COSCO Shipping Corporation.

Shao Zheping, Dean of School of Navigation, Jimei University, delivered a keynote report on Application of Ocean Big Data in National Strategic Needs. From the perspective of navigation history, he stated that ocean prosperity means national prosperity and ocean strength leads to national strength. From the perspective of ocean management, he expounded that the major development strategy of marine power is to safeguard nation marine rights and interests, to develop marine economy and to protect the marine environment. From the perspective of the Belt and Road Initiative, he claimed the national strategy demand. Based on the ocean data and spatio-temporal integration of the Indian Ocean shipping big data, he expounded the application of Belt and Road freight data mining in the national strategic needs.

The wonderful keynote report of the opening ceremony was well received by the participants. On the afternoon of November 13, the group will hold an excellent paper exchange meeting, in which more than a dozen senior experts in this industry will evaluate the excellent papers. At the end of the meeting, the first, second and third prizes will be awarded. After that day, several conferences will be held, including a sub-forum on navigation guarantee technology and engineering application, a sub-forum on intelligent ship turbines and talents training, a sub-forum on the development of China's shipping industry and the amendment of maritime law as well as the closing ceremony.

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