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Notice concerning the issuance of the newly revised Measures of China Institute... 2020-08-07
Notice on the Recommendation of Outstanding Figures with Science and Technology... 2020-08-06
Notice on Applying for the Fourth Session of Youth Science and Technology Award... 2020-08-06
Notice on Collection of 2020 Major Maritime Scientific and Engineering Problems... 2020-08-06
Letter on the Collection of Opinions on Science and Technology Award of CIIN (Re... 2020-08-06
Notice on the Opening of the First Session of China Maritime Science and Technol... 2020-08-06
Notice on Announcement of Award-winning Projects and Certificate Awarding of 201... 2020-08-06
Notice on the Preparation for the Promotion and Exchange Conference 2020 for Out... 2020-08-06
Guidelines of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Minist... 2020-08-06
Announcement on recommending candidates and candidate teams of the second Nation... 2020-08-05
Notice on the Candidate Recommendation for the Second National Innovation Award... 2020-08-01
Notice of CIN Soliciting Opinions on Codes of Practice on Cyber-Risk for Supplie... 2020-08-01
Notice on Declaration for Science and Technology Progress Award, or Technology I... 2020-08-01
Notice on Announcement of 2019 Annual Qualification Results for National Inland... 2020-08-01
Preliminary Results for Youth Science and Technology Award 2020, Science and Tec... 2020-08-01
Notice on Announcement of Awarding Lists of CIN’s Science and Technology Awards,... 2020-08-01
Technology Service Manager Recruitment of China Institute of Navigation 2020-07-27
Announcement of Application Project of China Standard Innovation Contribution Aw... 2020-07-26
Notice on the Announcement of the 2018-2019 China Institute of Navigation - Chin... 2020-07-04
CIN 2017 Calls for ANC Papers 2020-02-25