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Notice on the Recommendation of Outstanding Figures with Science and Technology Contributions of CIN

Notice on the Recommendation of Outstanding Figures with Science and Technology Contributions of CIN


All units concerned,

In order to set up a good example for the science and technology workers who make continuous efforts, innovation and outstanding contributions in science and technology of navigation, and encourage them to serve national strategies like "maritime power", "transport power", to show spirits of living in the new era, the courage to take on new missions, new achievements, starting new era of China, further arouse the sense of responsibility, pride and honor for the progress of science and technology of navigation, so CIN decided to carry out the selection and commendation of the contribution of outstanding figures of science and technology in navigation 2020. The relevant issues of the selection and commendation are notified as follows.

Ⅰ. Scope of recommendation (selection)

Workers in science and technology as individual members, member units, branches of CIN, local institutes of navigation and other of maritime-related units who have made outstanding contributions to the development of navigation.

Ⅱ. Conditions for recommendation (selection)

(Ⅰ) Those who love the country, abide by the law, support the leadership of CPC and have a strong sense of dedication and responsibility;

(Ⅱ) Those who have the professionalism of "dedication, innovation, pragmatism and collaboration" and the scientific rigor of reality;

(Ⅲ) Those who have made important contributions to the construction and development of China maritime industry and meet one of the following conditions

1. Those who have made significant contributions and played a leading role in promoting the development of science and technology in navigation and helping to implement the innovation-driven strategy, with a high degree of visibility and recognition in related science and technology fields;

2. As the main finisher of the project, those who has won many science and technology awards at the provincial and ministerial or higher level;

3. Those who have made major discoveries or theoretical breakthroughs in the fields of natural science, engineering and technology, have promoted the development of the discipline or related disciplines, have been recognized by their counterparts at home and abroad and have had a significant impact on economic and social development or the progress of scientific undertakings;

4. Those who have achieved important results in scientific and technological innovation, transformation of results and industrialization of high and new technologies, have created significant economic or social benefits and have created significantly to the development of the maritime industry and the industry economy;

5. Those who continuously innovate in the research and development and application of new products, new technologies, new processing, new equipment, new materials and new energy, develop core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and form excellent products with strong market competitiveness and leading industrial development, and achieve significant economic or social benefits.

6. Those who have made major processing transformation in key industries, major projects, important breakthroughs in science and technology and important production technology.

7. Those who have achieved significant innovation in other areas of science and technology and innovation and contribute significantly to the navigation industry and economic development of industry.

Ⅲ. Principles and methods of recommendation (selection)

(Ⅰ) Strictly adhere to the principles of "openness, fairness, impartiality and merit", with emphasis on practical achievement and social recognition.

(Ⅱ) Adhere to democracy, openness, competition and merit, strictly implement the selection conditions (if more than two candidates are recommended, a clear ranking is required).

(Ⅲ) The recommended candidates need to fill out in the relevant forms (see Appendix 1) and submit the relevant achievements and main supporting materials. The recommending unit should carefully and strictly examine the declaration and relevant materials of the recommended candidate and be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials; if there is no recommending unit, the expert recommendation sheet should be provided, and there should be no less than three recommendation experts (two of them are not in the same work unit as the candidates) with senior technical titles (see Appendix 2).

(Ⅵ) To those who plagiarize other people's achievements or provide false data and materials by other improper means to obtain honor, CIN will record the credibility of the responsible recommending units and related personnel. If the inaccurate materials originate from the recommended himself / herself, it will be regarded as science and technology counterfeiting and will be rejected by one vote.

Ⅵ. Material submission requirements

(Ⅰ) Materials required for recommending unit

1. Recommendation Sheet of Outstanding Figures with Science and Technology Contributions of CIN is required in triplicate.

2. One report on the status of the recommendation. The contents include how the recommended candidates are generated, the expert review, the list of experts of the review group of the recommended units and the number of candidates determined to be recommended, and the review publicity. The report shall be stamped with the official seal of the recommending unit.

(Ⅱ) Materials required for recommended candidates

1. Catalogue of major scientific and technological achievements;

2. Major published papers and monographs (five representative papers and one monograph, with copies of the papers and monographs cited by others)

3. Evaluation certificate for supporting materials of major achievements and certification materials for intellectual property rights;

4. Certification materials for technology application;

5. Certification materials for awards of commendation;

6. Certification materials for other achievements and contributions.

The obtained patents should be authorized patents; the relevant standards and specifications formulated (revised) should be the official texts that have been promulgated and implemented; the obtained economic and social benefits should be provided with supporting materials and stamped with the financial seal of relevant units.

(Ⅲ) In order to facilitate the selection, the above-mentioned materials are bound and submitted in the order of forming a directory according to the recommended units and the contents of the recommended target materials; three paper copies (one original) of materials are required, eight electronic files of each material (copied to a USB according to the directory order, consistent with the paper materials).

The materials submitted by the recommending unit will not be returned after the selection process.

Ⅴ. Submission time

Please submit your recommendations to the Secretariat of CIN by April 10, 2020 (Subject to the postmark of the date), overdue materials will not be accepted.

Address: No. 402, Buildng 1, Yard 10, Hepingli East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Contact person:Sun Dunping

Tel.: 010-65299862


1. Recommendation Sheet of Outstanding Figures with Science and Technology Contributions of CIN

2. Recommendation Sheet of Nomination for Outstanding Figures with Science and Technology Contributions of CIN


January 20, 2020