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Notice on Applying for the Fourth Session of Youth Science and Technology Award of CIN

Notice on Applying for the Fourth Session of Youth Science and Technology Award of CIN


All unit concerned,

In order to implement the national innovation-driven development strategy and the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development, stimulate and guide young science and technology workers in shipping industry to actively strive for innovation and pioneering for the construction of a science and technology power, a maritime power and a transport power, to promote the healthy growth of young maritime science and technology talents, to cultivate young science and technology talents and young academic (technical) leaders in the maritime field, and to reward young science and technology workers who have made outstanding contributions to the development of academic disciplines, industrial progress and science and technology innovation in economic construction, social development and the maritime industry, CIN decides to carry out the selection of the 4th China Maritime Youth Science and Technology Award based on the relevant provisions of Regulations on National Science and Technology Award, Regulations on China Youth Science and Technology Award, Measures for the Selection of the Youth Science and Technology Award of CIN (hereinafter referred to as Selection Measures). The relevant notifications are as follows.

Ⅰ. Basic requirements

(Ⅰ) Support the Party's line, guidelines and policies, love the motherland, abide by laws and regulations, have the scientific spirit of "dedication, innovation, seeking truth and cooperation", and have the right attitude in work.

(Ⅱ) Work performance in 2018-2019 meets the following criteria:

1. Those who make important, innovative achievements and outstanding contributions in the natural sciences;

2. Those who have made significant and creative achievements and contributions in engineering and technology, with remarkable effect;

3. Those who have made outstanding achievements in technology research and development, the promotion and transformation of results, and science and technology management, and have generated significant social and economic benefits.

(Ⅲ)Age: Born after January 1, 1979 (previous winners will not be given the same award) and the winners will be honored during the China Navigation Day in July.

Ⅱ. Recommended job requirements

(Ⅰ) Adhere to the principle of "openess, justice, fairness, and merit", broaden the discovery of advanced, advanced candidate selection channels, strict selection conditions, to ensure the quality of selection.

(Ⅱ) The recommended candidates should be outstanding young scientists working in the front line of scientific research and production for a long time, whose performance should be mainly based on the science and technology achievements made in China. And the recommended candidates should be the main completer or main contributor to the performance.

(Ⅲ) Recommendation materials are the main basis for the review of China Maritime Youth Science and Technology Award, which should highlight the innovative achievements and contributions of recommended candidates.

(Ⅳ) If more than two candidates are recommended, the ranking should be clear

Ⅲ. Material submission requirements

(Ⅰ) Recommendation materials and content requirements

1. One report on the recommendation. Its contents include how the recommended candidates are generated, the expert review, the list of experts of the review group of the recommended units and the number of recommended candidates and the evaluation publicity. The report should be stamped with the official seal of the recommending units.

2. One list of recommended unit review experts, with name, gender, age, professional ranks and titles, work unit and so forth. Recommended unit review experts should have senior technical titles, not less than three, and two of the three review experts shall not be in the same work unit with the candidates, expert recommendation sheet should be filled out by the recommended experts respectively (see Appendix 1).

3. Candidate materials:

3.1 Sheet of Candidates for Youth Science and Technology Award of CIN (see Appendix 2);

3.2 Published papers and monographs (no more than three papers and one monograph);

3.3 Catalogue of major science and technology achievements;

3.4 Proof of citations of representative papers and monographs by others;

3.5 Technology achievement evaluation certificate and intellectual property Proof materials;

3.6 Technical evaluation and application supporting materials;

3.7 Proof of awards for recognition;

3.8 Proof of other achievements and contributions.

The obtained patents should be authorized patents; the relevant standards and norms should be the official texts that have been promulgated and implemented; the proof of economic or social and ecological environmental benefits resulting from the promotion and application should be stamped with financial stamps of the relevant units or copies of the relevant contracts.

In order to facilitate the review, the above candidate materials are to be submitted in eight copies (one original and seven copies) bound in the order of the catalogue of the main science and technology achievements (eight electronic files are copied into the U disk in the order of the catalogue, which is consistent with the paper materials). The recommendation from candidates units, which must evaluate the candidates' political performance, integrity and self-discipline, moral character, achievements and contributions and learning ethics, and give clear comments on the authenticity, accuracy and confidentiality of the materials, and stamped with the recommendation unit and the candidate's specific work unit official seal.

Submitted materials will not be returned.

(Ⅱ)Submission time

Please be sure to submit your recommendations to the Secretariat of CIN (Room 1-409, No.10 Court, Hepingli East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China) before April 10, 2020 (based on the postmark date). Overdue materials will not be accepted.

Contact person: Sun Dunping

Tel: 010-6529862


1. Recommendations of Experts to Nomination for Youth Science and Technology Award of CIN

2. Sheet of Candidates for Youth Science and Technology Award of CIN


January 10, 2020