Technology Service Manager Recruitment of China Institute of Navigation

Ⅰ. Institute Introduction

Founded in 1979, China Institute of Navigation is a nationwide non-profit social institute aiming for academic research. It was organized voluntarily by departments and personnel engaging in navigation and transportation, navy, maritime business, fishery and other fields. China Institute of Navigation is registered by Chinese law and possesses certification of legal person in Non-governmental Organization.

The main purpose of China Institute of Navigation is to develop maritime culture and respect for learning and talents. Besides, the institute strongly advocates the spirit of dedication, innovation, truth-seeking and cooperation to unite all the maritime science and technology personnel. For the purpose of invigorating maritime business and talents, China Institute of Navigation adheres to the Chinese Communist Party’s basic route that focuses on economy development, follows the guidelines of both science and technology being the primary productive force, sticks to the sustainable development strategy and aims to build a prosperous country in science, education, transportation and talents.

Till now, China Institute of Navigation has 22 professional subcommittees,and Navigation of China and Maritime Technology as its 2 journal editorial boards. The institute now has more than 4,000 individual members and 360 organization members.

Ⅱ. Recruitment Information

1. Job: Assistant of technology service management

2.Duties: Tasks related to science and technology award.

3.Education background: Bachelor degree or above

4.Major required: Science and Engineering. Transportation and Mechanical Manufacturing are preferred.

5.Age: Under 30 years old

6.Salary: Negotiable

7.Requirements for the job:

  1) Bachelor degree is a must, relevant experience in technology and science management is preferred.

  2) Proficiency in computer and office software operation.

  3) Strong skills in writing and language organization.

  4) Good communication and coordination skills, learning ability and expression skills.

  5) Working conscientiously, responsibly, proactively. Team spirit is also needed.

  6) Decent behavior and conduct. The senses of self-discipline, seriousness and honesty are also needed.

Ⅲ.Contact Information

  Tel: 010-65299869、010-65299838

  Contact person: Teacher Han, Teacher Wan


  China Institute of Navigation

  July 13,2020