Li Xiaopeng Presided Over the Meeting, Emphasizing ‘Stability on the Six Fronts’ and ‘Securities in Six Areas’ and Making Concerted Efforts to Ensure A Decisive Victory Against Poverty and Build A Prosperous Society in Every Possible Way

On April 27th, Li Xiaopeng, Minister of Transport, chaired a meeting of the leading group 0f  COVID-19 response, joint prevention and control mechanism, and resumption of work and production mechanism, to convey the spirit of the Central Committee, and to listen to work reports concerning the May Day holiday.

At the meeting it was pointed out that we should earnestly study, deeply understand, resolutely carry out and solidly implement the important instructions of President Xi Jinping, and effectively take actions to enhance the "Four Consciousnesses",  “Four Confidence" and achieve "Two Upholds". We should resolutely implement the decisions and deployment of the Party Central Committee, do a solid job in ensuring stability on the six fronts and security in six areas(The six fronts refer to employment, the financial sector, foreign trade, foreign investment, domestic investment, and expectations. The six areas refer to job security, basic living needs, operations of market entities, food and energy security, stable industrial and supply chains, and the normal functioning of primary level governments), and take practical measures to overcome the negative impact of the outbreak of COVID 19, accomplish the targets and tasks of winning the battle against poverty, and build a prosperous society in every possible way.

It was emphasized at the meeting that work should resume and that production should be vigorously and orderly promoted with the implementation of normal epidemic prevention and control measures. We should strive to restore normal production and life order while firmly grasping the general tone of seeking improvement in stability under the premise of scientific prevention and control of the epidemic. We will continue to prevent imported COVID-19 cases from abroad and reoccurrence in domestic. We will continue to focus on the prevention and control of the epidemic in key areas, key sectors, and key links, to create a healthy environment for the epidemic prevention and control, to resolutely block the reoccurrence of the epidemic transmission pathways, and to take the strictest measures to prevent and control imported cases. Firstly, we should take the initiative to serve the overall situation, by opening up the "main artery", smoothing the "microcirculation" to improve the international freight transport capacity and ensure the stability of the international logistics supply chains. Secondly, we should step up support, give full leeway to large state-owned enterprises in the transport sector as the main force, encourage upstream and downstream industries and small and medium-sized enterprises to fully resume work and production, and support industrial enterprises severely affected by the epidemic to overcome the difficulties. Finallly, we should constantly improve the quality and level of public service of transport, as it is closely connected with people's livelihood.

The meeting called for strengthening confidence, overcoming difficulties, making concerted efforts to resolutely win the battle against poverty through transport. Firstly, we should accomplish the transport poverty alleviation target with high quality and complete the target of "Two Links" on schedule. Secondly, we should take a whole range of measures to consolidate the achievements in alleviating poverty, expand the functions of township transportation service stations, improve the node system of rural logistics network in poor areas, and continue to promote the "Transportation + Industry" poverty alleviation model. Finally, we will continue to effectively link poverty alleviation with rural revitalization, and make more transport projects more accessible to rural residents.

The meeting called for putting a greater effort in ongoing construction projects, promoting new development, strengthening reserves, and striving to expand effective investment in fixed assets of transportation. Firstly, we should accelerate the formation of more physical workload of projects, promote the full resumption of work of extended project sections, and ensure that all staff are on duty. New projects should be initiated as quickly as possible. In addition, we should strengthen the research on funding policy and improve the investment policy during the 14th Five Year Plan period. Finally, we should strengthen our communication and coordination, attach great importance to the preliminary stage of the project, deeply tap into the potential of the project to achieve "full capacity".

The meeting called for a resolute fight against traffic pollution. Firstly, we must thoroughly implement the "Six Major Actions" of transportation structural adjustment. Secondly, we should give priority to ecology and pursue green development. We must strengthen pollution prevention and control of ships and ports in key waters such as the Yangtze River, and strive to build a green ecological corridor along the Yangtze River economic belt. Finally, we should promote the development of green travelling.

It was emphasized at the meeting that basics of safe and stable development of transport should be firmly adhered to. We must comprehensively strengthen the development of  the Party, its conduct and clean government, and we must continually promote the fight against corruption. We should carry forward the spirit of transport in the new era, firmly believing in victory and and putting all aspects of transport work into practice.

It was further emphasized at the meeting that we should raise the political position, fully understand the importance of ensuring the operation of the industry during the May Day holiday, intensify prevention and control of the epidemic, strengthen coordination, give full leeway to the effectiveness of comprehensive transport, and coordinate prevention and control of the epidemic with transport. We must stick to the basics in our thinking, make every effort to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the industry, and make people's travel more convenient, warmer and safer.

The meeting also studied other matters 

The meeting in Beijing, was attended by the head of the department, and it was also attented by a range of non-voting delegates: Leaders of departments and bureaus of the National Railway Administration, Civil Aviation Administration of China and State Post Bureau. as well departments and bureaus of affiliated institutions of the Ministry.