Two world's largest emission-free ferries of For Sea with an all-electric conversion have been officially welcomed into service, and a special inauguration ceremony has been held recently.

These two ferries are said to have been converted from conventional diesel engine operations to battery power at Öresund Dry Docks. The conversion of these over 100-meter ferries Tycho Brahe and Aurora, both built in 1991, required installation of a 4160 kWh battery on each vessel, as well as battery racks, energy storage control systems and ABB’s award-winning Onboard DC Grid power distribution technology.

“This project signals a profound shift for the maritime industry, and shows a path towards zero-emission operations, aligned with International Maritime Organization’s goals for decarbonization,” said Marcus Högblom, Head of Passenger, Dry Cargo and Ice Segment, ABB Marine & Ports. “We congratulate ForSea on the inauguration of these vessels, and we are proud to have worked closely with them to deliver this pioneering solution.” 

Additionally, ABB supplied automated shore-side charging stations using an industrial robot to optimize the connection time and maximize the charging period, leveraging 3D laser scanning and wireless communication between ship and shore.