SML Ascended into Cargo Market Ranked as the World's 37th Largest Liner Company

According to Alphaliner, SM Line (SML), a newly established shipping company in Korea, is ascending into the cargo market. It provides six routes first, covering Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Far East - India and Trans-Pacific routes.

SML, incorporated on December 15, 2016, with a funding of 37 billion won (~US$ 33 million), plan to roll out new services during the period between the March and April, 2017.

The company will operate 11 container carriers with the capacity of 1,100-6,600TEU, of which 6 for its own use, 5 for chartering. The total capacity of the fleet is 41381TEU.

According to the charts of shipping companies by Alphaliner, SML will become the world's 37th largest liner company.

It is reported that SML has acquired 12 container carriers with the capacity of 1,100-6,600 TEU, of which 8 carriers for the deployment of the company's own shipping business (including the replacement of rental ships), the others are expected to sign the Charter Party. SML will operate independently on its core business, covering East Asia route and Far East - the US West Coast route. In addition, the Far East-India route business will be provided through cabin hiring.