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Institution Members

Qinhuangdao Port Pilot Station
Tansport Department of Fujian Province
Quanzhou Institute of Navigation (Quanzhou International Techno-economic Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd.)
Fujian Provincial Communication Transportation (Group) Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Port Pilot Station
Xiamen Institute of Navigation
Anhui Institute of Navigation (Transport Department of Anhui Province)
Zhejiang Institute of Navigation (Transport Department of Zhejiang Province)
Zhejiang Port and Channel Administrative Bureau
Ningbo Port Pilot Station
Tansport Departmentof Jiangsu Province
Zheng He Research Society of Jiangsu Province
Heilongjiang Administration of Navigational Affairs
Heilongjiang Institute of Navigation (Heilongjiang Administration of Navigational Affairs)
Liaoning Institute of Navigation (Dalian Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd)
National Marine Environment Monitoring Center
Jinzhou Port Pilot Station
CCS Dalian Branch
Hebei Institute of Navigation (Qinhuangdao Port Pilot Station)
Tianjin Port Pilot Center