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China Institute of Navigation Held Spring Festival Tea Party

On the morning of January 17, the China Institute of Navigation (CIN) held a spring festival tea party. President He Jianzhong, Secretary General Yan Xiaobo, Vice Secretary General Liu Shun, Secretary General Wang Qun of the Eighth Council and all staff of the Secretariat gathered together to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new year.

President He Jianzhong delivered a speech at the tea party. He pointed out that 2020 is the crucial year for CIN to lay a solid foundation and show new achievements. CIN will do the following: take deepening reform as the driving force, coordinate and optimize the structure and the function allocation of its organizations, build an efficient and flexible management mechanism, and clarify development goals; strengthen the unified leadership of the branches, effectively help the branches to coordinate the relationship between all parties, and provide strong support for their development; strengthen the integrated development with the local institutes of navigation, further play the role of bridges, gather advantageous resources for exchange and sharing, and promote the same direction and frequency resonance of science and technology innovation in the field of navigation; create a communication platform, innovative service carriers, and base on the reality of the Institute, highlight the characteristics of the Institute, earnestly perform the four service responsibilities, and continuously improve the guidance, influence, and cohesion of the Institute; strengthen exchanges with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the world, consolidate and expand bilateral cooperation and exchanges with the Asian Institute of Navigation and peer organizations, and establish a normalized exchange and cooperation mechanism; put forward Chinese Approach in participating in the affairs of International Association of Institute of Navigation, and expand the voice and influence of China’s navigation technology in the world.

In his speech, He Jianzhong put forward three requirements for all the staff of the Secretariat. First, respect the cause. We should follow the guidance of Xin Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, implement the new development philosophy, remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, comprehensively deepen the reform and innovation, devote ourselves to promoting the new development of navigation, and realize the party’s new requirements for the development of science and technology. Second, love the job. We should integrate learning with work, normalize learning, treat the work with awe, dedication and responsibility. It is necessary to love whatever job one takes up and specialize it in the single-minded line. Third, discipline and correctitude ourselves. All staff members should adhere to the principle of being strict with themselves, keep the integrity and innovation, unify the thought and action, condense the wisdom and strength, work consciously with a high stand, work hard with a strong responsibility, a solid spirit, a clean and honest work style, so as to strengthen the foundation, press ahead and innovate.

Yan Xiaobo said that we must earnestly carry out the essence of Chairman’s important speech, unite and forge ahead, conscientiously do all the work of the Institute, promote the high-quality development of the Institute, and play a new role and contribute new strength in the great practice of building a transportation power. Wang Qun expressed his gratitude to relevant leaders and all colleagues of the Secretariat for their support in his work as Secretary General of the Eighth Council, and said that he would continue to care and support the development of the Institute.

At the tea party, the participants aired their views freely and expressed their firm confidence in a better future. Finally, the Spring Festival tea party ended successfully with a blessing.