“To Be A Pioneer For Building China’s Strength in Science And Technology, Transportation And Oceans And Seas”- Remark by He Jianzhong on the National Day of Science and Technology Workers

On the occasion of the fourth National Day of Scientific and Technology Workers, on behalf of China Institute of Navigation, I would like to extend festival greetings and heartfelt thanks to the navigation science and technology workers! Thank you for your hard work and selfless dedication in promoting the development of China’s maritime industry.

Advanced science and technology makes a powerful nation. As science and technology workers, you are the treasure and pillars of the country with great responsibilities and glorious missions. Navigation is the guarantee for inheriting human civilization, protecting maritime rights and interests, and promoting business exchanges. Navigation science and technology worker should always have motherland in mind and the whole world in view, constantly make innovations, bravely climb the scientific summits, and be a pioneer for building China’s strength in science and technology, transportation and oceans and seas

I hope you will remain true to your original aspiration and continue to work hard, face up to the forefront of world navigation science and technology, focus on the major needs of sustainable development of navigation, continue to promote the innovation of China’s navigation science and technology, delicate to your work, pursue excellence, serve the people and contribute to society, so as to make newer and greater contributions to accelerating the construction of transportation power and realizing Chinese dream for great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

                                               Chairman of CIN, He Jianzhong,