CAST Supports CIN to Promote “Double First-Class” Construction

On June 8, He Jianzhong, president of China Institute of Navigation (CIN), with his delegation, visited China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). After first half year's work report, He Jianzhong exchanged views with the leaders of CAST on the promotion of “Double First-Class ” construction. Song Jun, party member and executive secretary of CAST, granted full recognition to the work of CIN Council since the change of office term, and noted that CAST would strongly support CIN for the “Double First Class” construction and would help build the China Maritime Day Forum into a brand activity to promote the development of the Belt and Road initiative.

In response, He Jianzhong said that CIN would earnestly implement the decisions and plans of the central government and NPC and CPPCC by continuing to guide and coordinate the member committees to ensure stability (in employment, financial operations, foreign trade, foreign investment, domestic investment, and expectations) and security (in job, basic living needs, operations of market entities, food and energy, stable industrial and supply chains, and the normal functioning of primary-level governments), to seize the opportunity of “new infrastructure construction”, to listen to the suggestions on promoting intelligent shipping and “Internet+ transportation”, to focus on new economy, new format and new pattern, to give full play to the role of navigation think-tanks and actively carry out systematic research for constructive suggestions, and to well organize cloud activities on China Maritime Day 2020 and carry out “Party building and Association Strengthening” plan.

Song Jun said that since the Ninth Council of CIN came into effect, it had made positive progress, by following the relevant work requirements and arrangements of the Central Committee and CAST, in adhering to the political guidance, reform and innovation, planning and serving the overall interests, and “Double First-Class” construction. As for the next step, Song Jun added, firstly, it was essential for CIN to coordinate domestic and international business and create a first-class Institute and first-class journal. Now that the China Maritime Day Forum attracted so many domestic and foreign guests and some international organizations and its influence was expanding both domestically and internationally, in the future, CAST would like to further its guidance and help CIN build the forum into a brand activity to promote the development of the Belt and Road initiative; secondly, it was important to smoothly communicate with some international organizations, like International Association of Institutes of Navigation ; it was important to host some international conferences, such as the World Navigation Conference, the Asian Navigation Conference; it was important to strengthen the exchange and cooperation of international navigation technologies; thirdly, it was necessary to normalize online-and-offline working mode under the new normal condition of epidemic prevention and control; fourthly, it was critical to deepen reforms, highlight characteristics, give full play to advantages, explore the path of healthy development and sum up experiences in time.

In the first half of this year, following CAST’s work deployment, CIN was really awarded with lots of achievements. First, while doing a good job in the epidemic prevention and control, CIN also shared some practical solutions on how to improve the emergency management system and meet seafarers’ individual challenges with the shipping industry and published service guides to strengthening the epidemic prevention and control for deck officers and pilots. Second, CIN has well established the cooperation mechanism of the national institutes of navigation. Third, CIN attached the great importance to scientific and technological services,thus revised the incentive measures for navigation science and technology and initiated the preparation work for China navigation science and technology development report. Fourth, among CIN committee members, academic exchanges and popular science activities were carried out through the combination of online and offline forms. Fifth, CIN has improved the construction of navigation think-tanks with fresh working mode. Sixth, by optimizing the managing system, CIN has standardized the management of branch organizations.

Zhang Baochen, the executive vice president of CIN, and Yan Xiaobo, Secretary General of CIN, attended visiting activities.