The China Institution of Navigation Holds the 2018 Secretary-General Salon

On July 23, 2018, the 2018 Secretary-General Salon of the China Institution of Navigation was held in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. 37 people attended the salon, including Cao Di, Executive Vice Chairman of CIN, Wang Qun, Secretary-General of CIN, Deputy Secretary-General Gu Weiguo, Shi Chaojian, Dong Guobin, as well as secretaries-general or representatives of branches and local institutions. The salon was presided over by Secretary-General Wang Qun. The theme of this salon was "Promoting exchanges, cooperation and development".

Secretary-General Wang Qun first conveyed the "Opinions on Deepening Reforms of Project Appraisal, Talent Evaluation and Institutional Evaluation" issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and General  Office of the State Council, and put forward some implementation issues in light of the opinions and the actual work of the Institution.

During the communication and discussion, the representatives enthusiastically expressed their opinions. Among them, Huang Lianzhong, Secretary-General of Marine Electromechanical Committee of CIN, proposed to increase academic activities and professional work in the collection and evaluation of papers to maintain and improve academic standards and quality. Zhao Qing'ai, Secretary-General of Ocean Ship Navigation Committee of CIN, raised the issue of the increasingly monotonous structure of the members of the committees. At the same time, according to the actual work, he called for paying attention to the proportion of papers written by seafarers in the paper selection. According to the actual situation of the Secretary-General and the Secretariat, Guo Luhai, Secretary-General of Shandong Institution of Navigation, proposed to increase the frequency of salons, expand communication methods and improve the quality of communication. Luo Bin, Director of the Shanghai Institution of Navigation, proposed to strengthen the cooperation between the branches and the provincial and municipal Institutions of Navigation to give full play to their strengths and to carry out work jointly. Li Jun, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Jiangsu Institution of Navigation, introduced their maritime summer camps and proposed ways to expand resources and increase cooperation.

Dong Guobin, Deputy Secretary-General of CIN, introduced relevant policies and requirements of China Association for Science and Technology on the construction of branches of the national association, and put forward suggestions on making preparations for branches and provincial and municipal institutions based on the work of comprehensive capacity assessment of the national association that will be carried out by China Association for Science and Technology.

The salon was carried out in a warm atmosphere. Finally, Cao Di, Executive Vice Chairman of CIN, gave a summary speech. He emphasized that the construction and development of the institution should follow the requirements of the Central Committee and the China Association for Science and Technology, the correct development direction, study and understand the spirit of the Central Committee documents, and carry out the institution work. He pointed out that construction of branches should be continuously strengthened and branches should play an exemplary role in the reform of CIN, a leading role in the development of disciplines, and a boosting role in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It is necessary to strengthen the integrated development of the CIN and provincial and municipal Institutions of Navigation, and continue to promote the establishment of cooperative innovation unity of Institutions of Navigation initiated by the CIN. We should further strengthen the construction of the secretariat of various institutions and become an efficient, capable and professional team of CIN. He hoped that the CIN, the committees and the local institutions should strengthen interaction, unify thought and each year Secretary-General Salon should also be innovative, featured and effective, and jointly make suggestions on the construction and development of the Institution.

The salon ended in a friendly atmosphere. This salon has further strengthened the relationship between the branches and the local institutions, built consensus, explored ideas and enhanced confidence, and laid a foundation for the future work of the institution. (Source: General Affairs Department Yang Binxu)