The Party Branch of the CIN Offices Having the Organization Activity

On March 15, the Party Branch of the offices of the China Institute of Navigation(CIN) held the organization activity which was arranged and deployed by the Party Committee of China Association for Science and Technology in accordance with the announcement of convening Party Organization Meeting of the Party Branch of the China Association for Science and Technology and Conducting Democratic Review of Party Members in 2017. The meeting is presided over by Comrade Wang Qun, Secretary of the Party Branch. Comrade Cao Di, Deputy Party Secretary of the Chinese Institute of Navigation, attended the meeting.

On behalf of the Party Branch, the Branch Secretary reported on the work of party building in 2017, focusing on the deficiency and problem in highlighting political functions, enhancing organizing capacity, adhering to organizational life systems, and playing a vitally important role in fighting fortresses. He proposed remedial measures in a targeted manner after analyzing the existing practical problems and causes, and meanwhile, he took the lead to carry out criticism and self-criticism. Moreover other members of the Party Branch also conducted the contrast and check on the requirements of the Party Organization Meeting and carried out criticism and self-criticism among themselves. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, all participating party members were organized to carry out democratic evaluations of the Party Branch and Party members of the Branch.

Cao Di, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CIN, commented on the Party Organization Meeting of the Party Branch of the offices, and pointed out that the meeting was important for the construction of the Party's grassroots organization and is a good platform for party members to strengthen exchanges and help each other. It is necessary to use this platform to find out and correct problems, raise awareness, achieve the goal of unifying ideas, find problems, and improve work. The meeting is well-prepared, procedurally regulated, and closely linked to its theme. The Party Branch and its members investigated the problem profoundly, took the key point, analyzed high quality material, criticized and self-criticized seriously, and had clear corrective measures. The meeting has achieved remarkable results.

(Manuscript Provider: Liu Yang)