Chairman Huang Youfang Visiting Song Jun, a Member of the Party Group of China Association for Science and Technology

On February 1st, Huang Youfang, chairman of CIN and President of the Shanghai Maritime University, paid a visit to Song Jun, a member of the Party group of China Association for Science and Technology, the Minister of the academic department of CIN and the director of the business office in Beijing. Together with Huang Youfang are Cao Di, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of CIN, Wang Qun, Secretary General of CIN, Gu Weiguo, Deputy Secretary General of CIN and Qin Liqing, deputy director of the president's office of Shanghai Maritime University. Liu Yanbing, the Vice Minister of the CAST, and director Zhang Chuncheng attended the forum.

Chairman Huang Youfang presented a report on the positive role played by the CIN in serving the national strategy of "the Belt and Road" initiative, marine power, and maritime powerhouse, on the cooperative platform and win-win development of CIN and the shipping colleges and universities in China, and on CIN’s work plan in 2018. Huang said that the CIN will further respond to the requirements of the China Association for Science and Technology to deepen the reform of CIN, actively strengthen its own capacity building, and make contributions to the national strategy and the transfer of administrative functions.

Song Jun spoke highly of the work done by the CIN in recent years to actively focus on the national strategy and the achievements made in its own development. In particular, he highly evaluated the significance of “Research Report on Navigation Status in the South China Sea” jointly issued by CIN and SMU. Song hopes that CIN should fully understand the new requirements of the new era for association of science and technology societies to continuously strengthen capacity building, expand international horizons, and release the energy of reform. He hopes CIN should closely focus on the hot topics of navigation, to further serve the national strategy, seafaring scientific and technical workers, and the cause of navigation technology. ( From Secretariat of CIN )

Chairman Huang Youfang visits the member of CAST Song Jun