Xu Zuyuan and Yu Shicheng Visiting the Secretariat

On February 11, 2018, Xu Zuyuan, the former Chairman of CIN and Yu Shicheng, the former Deputy Chairman of CIN, visited the Secretariat of CIN and extended the New Year Greetings to the staff.

The two former leaders, accompanied by Cao Di, the Deputy Chairman and Wang Qun, the Secretary General, firstly visited the cultural publicity gallery and Party construction office. They inquired the progress of CIN, praised the contents in the gallery and put forward suggestions for improvement. They listened to the work reports delivered by the leaders of CIN, together with the staffs, and had a friendly discussion with them in the conference room of the Secretariat. Xu Zuyuan spoke highly of the work of the CIN in 2017 in his summary speech. Meanwhile, he gave three suggestions about the future priority of work in 2018: first, to conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, deeply understand and grasp the scientific system, spirit, connotation and practical requirements of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era so as to carry out through the whole process and aspects of the constructing of CIN with this ideology and to perform the work on strengthening CIN and promoting its capacity by the Party construction; secondly, to raise the awareness and enhance the ability to synergize the national strategy, focus on the national attitude from the view of navigation science and technology institute and strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission on advancing national navigational industry and the cohesion of CIN; and thirdly, to  consolidate the foundation of CIN, bring together many advantages based on our own work, actively respond to the concerns of leaders and society, vigorously launch public welfare activities and further demonstrate the competitiveness of the CIN. On this occasion, Xu Zuyuan and Yu Shicheng expressed the cordial greetings and New Year wishes to all the staff of the Secretariat and their family members. (From the Secretariat of CIN)

Xu Zuyuan, the former Chairman of CIN, is visiting the staff of CIN
Xu Zuyuan, the former Chairman of CIN, visits the cultural gallery of CIN
Xu Zuyuan, the former Chairman of CIN, has a discussion with the staff of CIN