Chairman Huang Youfang Visiting Taiwan China Marine Industry Association

From February 6 to 8, Chairman Huang Youfang and his delegation visited Taiwan China Marine Industry Association at the invitation of Zhang Qingfeng, board Chairman of Taiwan China Marine Industry Association and President of National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU). This has been another close exchange between the association and CIN since the mechanism for bilateral visits was established in 2014.

On February 6, the 2018 Cross-Strait Seminar on Maritime Safety and Vessel Traffic Management was held in National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU). More than 60 people from Taiwan attended the seminar, including representatives from the competent department responsible for shipping and port, companies, social groups for shipping logistics and representatives of teachers and students from NTOU. During the seminar, Chairman Huang Youfang discussed such topics as the potential influence of unmanned ship technology development on nautical education, the development of global monitoring technology for reefer containers and the planning of free trade ports. Xiao Yingjie, the Director of the China Institute of Navigation, made a keynote speech with the theme of Research Report on Navigation Status in the South China Sea, gaining great attention and triggered a heated discussion. Lin Chunguang, manager of Taiwan Evergreen Marine Corporation Corp.(Taipei) Ltd. and Sang Guozhong, dean of shipping management school of College of Maritime Science and Management at NTOU, made speeches respectively on topics such as the reaction taken by shipping companies to MARPOL Convention, the development of international shipping and so on.

After this seminar, Board Chairman Zhang Qingfeng shown Huang Youfang and his delegation around the NTOU campus to maritime personnel training facilities such as engine factories, classrooms for marine engine simulation, classrooms for engines and high-voltage electrical equipment, ship handing simulator, multi-function simulator and other maritime personnel training facilities, as well as the department of marine cultural and creative design industry, school history museum and aquatic animal experiment center of NTOU.

From February 7 to 8, Huang Youfang together with board chairman Zhang Qingfeng visited Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) and Port of Keelung, the north center of maritime business and other departments of navigation and port in Taiwan. Chairman Huang Youfang introduced the status and development goals of CIN in symposium and expressed his willingness to cooperate with related institutes in fields like crew assessment, personnel training, information sharing in learned periodicals, policy of free trade port/area, smart shipping and so on. He hoped to set up a cooperation platform to promote the development of cross-strait shipping in the way of further exchange. (by Liu Ying, Department of Academic Exchange)

Chairman Huang delivered a speech in the seminar
Chairman Huang and delegates discussed with authorities of Competent Department [the Competent authority of Taiwan]responsible for shipping and port in a symposium
Chairman Huang and delegates visited Taiwan International Ports Corporation’s subsidiary in Port of Keelung
Chairman Huang visited the NTOU campus