Chairman Huang Youfang Attending the New Year’s Greeting Party of the Secretariat of CIN

It’s a happy and prosperous new year with everything taking on a completely new look. In the afternoon of February 2, Huang Youfang, Chairman of CIN, came to the Secretariat of CIN to check up on work and attended the New Year’s Greeting Party organized by the Secretariat. Together with Huang are Cao Di, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee and the crew of the Secretary of CIN. Qin Liqing, Vice President of the Principal's Office of Shanghai Maritime University, was also invited to this party.

Huang Youfang firstly paid a visit to the cultural publicity and Party construction offices, called on the crew of the Secretariat and showed appreciation for their hard work. Then, Huang Youfang attended the greeting party presided by Cao Di, the Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee. Wang Qun, the secretary general, reported the annual work summary of the institute in 2017. Gu Weiguo, the vice secretary general made a report on the recent work. Finally, Huang gave a summary speech covering the high appreciation to the work in 2017 and the specific goals and requirements toward 2018 as well as the most sincere gratitude to all the staff and their families.

(from the secretariat of CIN)

Chairman Huang Youfang delivered a keynote address
Chairman Huang Youfang visited the cultural gallery of the CIN
Chairman Huang Youfang visited all departments
Scene of the New Year’s Greeting Party