Chairman Huang Youfang and His Delegation Attended the 2017 WTC

On the morning of June 5, the 2017 World Transportation Conference, themed as “Innovation Leading · Green Integration", was opened at China National Convention Center. Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology(CAST), Minister of Science and Technology, participated in the meeting and delivered a speech. Shang Yong, CAST’s Party Secretary, Executive Vice Chairman, and First Secretaryof Secretariat, presided over the opening ceremony. Huang Youfang, Chairman of China Institute of Navigation(CIN), Vice President of the Organizing Committee, President of Shanghai Maritime University, led more than 30 people to the meeting.

A total number of 4000 representatives attended the conference, including Liu Xiaofeng, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Li Shenglin, Director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, Dai Dongchang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Transport, Kiran K. Kapila, Chairman of the International Road Federation, Hisham Helal, Senior Vice President of the International Association of Institutes of Navigation, Shigeru Kikukawa, Vice President of the World Road Association, Klaus  Zwavaco, Vice Chairman of the International Bridge Tunnel and Toll Roads Association, Neil Pedersen, Chairman of the USA Transportation Research Committee, Weng Mengyong, President of Administrative Council of CHTS and Director of the Executive Committee, Zhou Xuhong, President of Chongqing University, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Chairman of the Academic Committee, Mike Walken, Chairman of the American Academy of Engineering and Chairman of the American Academic Committee, Secretaries of the Party Leadership Group of CAST, like Xiang Changle, Song Jun, and so on. Other participants include the special adviser of the conference, the organizing committee members, the central and relevant departments of the State Council, representatives from more than 40 countries and regions, universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises and institutions, finalists of the 2017 Bridge Design Competition for College Students, and the National Institute of Transportation Technology Award Winners.

The conference held six plates for the events: the Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speeches, Series of Activities of the Belt and Road(International) Transportation Alliance, Academic Forums, Exposition, 2017 Bridge Design Competition for College Students and Special Activities. The conference was guided by the Ministry of Transport, Chinese Academy of Engineering, State Railway Administration, China Civil Aviation Administration and China Railway Corporation, and was organized by the Chinese Highway Society and co-organized by other five institutions including CIN. More than 200 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, research institutes, and universities participated in the Expo of the conference. More than 300 representative innovation results in the field of transport engineering will be unveiled at this convention, such as Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Motuo Highway, sharing bicycles, intelligent transportation, Beidou navigation. The conference arranged 220 academic units with about 1,300 academic reports. More than 5,000 experts and scholars in the field of transportation respectively deliberate topics on hot issues and cutting-edge technology trends, like “Belt and Road" transportation interconnection, high-speed rail technology, future transportation, world long bridge development, intelligent transportation, sharing of economic and green traveling.

During the conference, Huang Youfang, Chairman of the CIN Administrative Council, together with leaders including Shang Yong, Li Shenglin, Dai Dongchang, Xiang Changle, Song Jun visited the exhibition stands of CIN and some related enterprises. Afterwards, Mr. Huang Youfang made special visits to some university exhibition stands, including Shanghai Maritime University, Wuhan University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, and Jimei University, etc..

In the evening of June 5, “2016 Annual Awards Ceremony for Science and Technology” was held by CIN and CHTS during the World Transportation Conference. Awards and commendation were presented by CIN to 2 national excellent scientific and technological workers, 10 winners of Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth and 60 awarders as well as representatives of CIN Science and Technology Prize, which enhanced the cohesion and influence of CIN. Jointly initiated by CHTS, CIN, CAS(China Aviation Society) and approved by CAST, an establishment ceremony of the Future Transportation Research Institute was held during the conference, and Huang Youfang, Chairman of the Administrative Council, delivered a speech on behalf of CIN at the ceremony. Wang Chunfa, Secretary of China Association for Science and Technology, Weng Mengyong, Chairman of the Administrative Council of CHTS, and Zhouwei, Head Engineer of Ministry of Transport, all attended the convention.

During his visit to Beijing, Huang Youfang,Chairman of the CIN Administrative Council, also met with Hisham Hilal, Senior Vice President of the International Association of Institutes of Navigation and Shen Dai,CEO of Demos Training and Education Group in France, and conducted an in-depth discussion on bilateral cooperation.

The Site of World Transportation Conference
A speech is delivered by Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, and Minister of Science and Technology
The conference is presided by Shangyong, Secretary of Party Committee of China Science and Technology Association, Vice Executive Chairman, and First Secretary of the Secretariat.
Participating leaders visiting the conferenceexhibition
Huang Youfang, Chairman of the Administrative Council, meets with Shen Dai, CEO of Demos Training and Education Group in France
Huang Youfang, Chairman of the Administrative Council, exchanges ideas and takes photos with Hisham Hilal, Senior Vice President of the International Association of Institutes of Navigation
Participating leaders taking photos at the exhibition stand of CIN
Participating leaders taking photos