Chairman Huang Youfang Attended the Symposium on Deepening Reform by the National Society of CAST

On May 11, 2017, Mr. Shang Yong, Secretary and Executive Vice President of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) of leading Party group and First Secretary of the Secretariats, conducted a survey on the reform implementation progress of the national society. Mr. Huang Youfang, Chairman of CIN and Mr. Wang Qun, Secretary General attended the symposium. Other participants included the leaders from China Highway Society, China Computer Federation, Chinese Society of Biotechnology, Chinese Material Research Society, Chinese Nutrition Society and other national societies. The symposium was chaired by Mr. Xiang Changle, member of CAST of leading Party group and member of Secretariat.

Chairman Huang Youfang made a report on the CIN reforms and achievements on the aspects of serving national development strategy and promoting self-construction by strengthening reforms on governance structure and modes. Huang said that reform was vital to institute development. CIN should foster its own advantages by reforming, and promote the overall construction of CIN through the reform of mechanism and system, further stimulating its developing motivation and vitality.

Other societies who attended the symposium introduced the specific practices on implementing the reform requirements of CAST one by one, and then conducted discussions on the innovation measures and existing problems concerning the governance institutions and modes, membership development, operation mechanism operating mode, etc.

Secretary Shang Yong granted highly recognition to the reform results of all societies, and put forward the specific requirements on deepening reform. He pointed out that the societies should: resolutely implement the instructions by General Secretary Xi Jinping on science and technology development, highlighting the open organization as a,hub and platform based on the “Four Services” responsibilities, uniting and leading scientific workers in science and technology innovation, and giving full play to the bridging and linking role of scientific workers under the leadership of the CPC; deeply comprehend the importance of CIN on the national social construction from the aspects of national governance system and capacity construction; fully tap the core role of the leadership of the Council, strengthening the responsibilities and performing the duties according to the regulations; conscientiously sum up the reform experience and understand the situations correctly, further deepening reform by innovating initiatives; force on the role of the Council, the Secretariat and branches as well as the role of key persons such as chairman and Secretary, in order to promote the comprehensive reform of governance structure and mode; vigorously enlarge individual membership and expand the individual involvement in society work, highlighting the principal status of individual members to continuously improve the sense of honor, pride and belonging; exert the influence of CIN on innovation-driven development by relying on its own advantages, constantly innovating the ideas and conducting a great deal of work for regional economic development.

Shang stated that the National Society is essential in the modernization of social governance system and capacity and should adapt itself to the new requirements by seizing new opportunities and facing up to new challenges. CAST will study the problems faced in the process of reforming and find a way out, and vigorously support and promote the reform and development of National Society in various ways.