Zeng Sheng

Zeng Sheng (1910-1995) was ever called Zeng Zhensheng, born in Huiyang of Guangdong Province. He joined CPC in 1936 and was conferred with Major-general in 1955. He won 3rd level August the first medal, 1st level independence and freedom medal, 1st level liberalization medal. He assumed the vice commander-in-chief of Guangdong Military Zone, chief staff officer, vice commander-in-chief of Zhujiang Military Zone, vice commander in chief of South China Sea Navy, tertiary secretary of Guangzhou CPC, vice governer of Guangdong Province, Mayor of Guangzhou Municipality, vice minister of Transport, minister of Transport, the consultant of State Council. The 1st , 2nd and 3rd Congress Deputy, the standing committee member of 5th National Congress and the representative of 12th CPC Congress, the consultant of CPC.