Navigation of China

Navigation of China (CN: 31-1388/U; ISSN: 1000-4653), started in 1965 and sponsored by CAST and CIN, is a comprehensive and advanced academic periodical in China's navigation circles.

Navigation of China has been affiliated with the Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute since founded in 1965, which is sponsored by the Institute. In accordance with the resolution of the General Office of the president of the CIN, starting from January 2014, this Journal will be sponsored by Shanghai Maritime University (Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute continue to be a co-sponsor), with an editorial department on B5 floor of SMU Library, Shanghai Maritime University, No. 1550 Harbour Avenue, Shanghai. In 2002, Navigation of China was changed from a semi-annual to a quarterly periodical, which was published at home and abroad. The editor-in-chief is Ma Xun, director and researcher of the Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute.

The principle of Navigation of China is to reflect the achievements and development level of China navigation science and technology, and to promote academic exchanges at home and abroad.

Navigation of China is one of the publications on display at the headquarters of the International Maritime Organization. In 2016, Navigation of China was awarded the Excellent Science and Technology Journal in China Universities.

Among the lists of transport core periodicals published in 2014 in the General Catalogue of Chinese Core Periodicals organized by the Peking University Library, Navigation of China was listed in it. In addition to being abstracted by Abstract Journal of VINITI, the Journal was also awarded as "RCCSE China Core Academic Periodical" in the Evaluation Report of Chinese Academic Periodicals (2009-2010).


Basic Information

Title: Navigation of China

Competent Department: The Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST)

Sponsored by: China Institute of Navigation (CIN)

Editor-in-Chief: Feng Xun

Associate Editor-in-Chief: Wu Changzheng, Han Chengmin, Chen Chuanming

Editor-in-Charge: Wang Weili, Dong Xiangdong

Address: B5 Floor, SMU Library, Shanghai Maritime University

Postcode: 201306

Tel: 021-38284906

Downtown Office: No. 600, Minsheng Road, Shanghai (within Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute)

Tel: 021-58522151; 021-58856638-2223

ISSN: 1000-4653

CN: 31-1388 / U


Price: 25 yuan per volume

Issued: Quarterly

Created: December 1, 1965

A Series Paper Size: 16