CIN Held the First Meeting of the Ninth Standing Council

In response to the Party Central Committee’s overall decisions and arrangements - to carry out  epidemic prevention and control activities, to avoid infection by social gatherings, and to ensure the efficient and orderly implementation of those orders and regulations, on the morning of April 22, CIN held the First Meeting of the Ninth Standing Council. The meeting was presided over by He Jianzhong, chairman of CIN, and 45 members of the Council attended the meeting, with members from the Standing Supervisory Authority including the chief and deputy supervisors in presence

The meeting reported the recent work progress and adjustment of CIN, approved the appointment of deputy secretary general and the candidate for the head of Ship Inspection Committee of the Institute, as well as those documents, such as Administrative Measures for Branches of China Institute of Navigation (Amendment)Awards for Science and Technology of China Institute of Navigation (Amendment), Agreement on the Joint Establishment of the Alliance Mechanism of National Institutes of Navigation (Draft) and Ownership Adjustment Plan of Huayun Hangyi Culture (Beijing) COSCO Limited.

In his summary speech, He Jianzhong pointed out that as a new normal, CIN will earnestly carry out General Secretary Xi’s important instructions and the Party Central Committee’s decisions to strike a balance between the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. It is necessary to focus on the construction of the Institute and coordinate the implementation of the annual key tasks according to the time and trend. In view of how to promote the work of the Institute, he stressed that first, we should innovate and explore bravely under the new situation, constantly promote academic exchange activities, strengthen science and technology services, consolidate infrastructure construction, and adhere to political guidance; second, we should make joint efforts to gather the consensus of members and directors, put up a cooperation and sharing platform for the China Maritime Day Forum, build a social mobility platform for the standing members, improve the cooperation mechanism between the Institute and the affiliated units of the Special Committees, and smooth online and offline channels for members’ communication; third, as for approaching the goal of “Double First-Class” construction, foremostly, we should focus on the domestic construction, give full play to the role of experts and think-tanks, strengthen the reform of comprehensive governance capacity and journal management of the Institute, and strive for the support from projects, policies and member units.