CIN Attended the “Young Talents Support Program Exchange Meeting for Innovation, Competitiveness and Responsibility”Held by CAST

Themed as “Putting Innovation and Competition First, the Young should Bear Responsibilities Bravely ”,The “Young Talents Support Program Exchange Meeting for Innovation, Competitiveness and Responsibility”was held by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) in the lecture room of China Hall of Science and Technology on May 23. Mr. Gu Weiguo, Vice Secretary General of China Institute of Navigation (CIN),  attended the meeting with Dr. Wan Zheng, associate professor from Shanghai Maritime University.

The Young Talents Support Program Exchange Meeting held by CAST aimed at welcoming ‘the first National Science and Technology Workers Day’, showing the achievements of CAST on fostering and supporting young talents, expanding the influence of relevant CAST platforms for assisting the growth of young scientific and technological talents and further unifying and guiding them to bear responsibilities and take actions proactively, study hard, work diligently, make innovations and compete for the best, thus cultivating talents for national scientific and technological innovations in the future.

Mr. Shang Yong, Secretary of CAST Party Leadership Group, Vice-Chairman of Standing Committee and First Secretary General of the Secretariat, attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech. Some academicians and various officials of ministries were at the meeting.

The supervisor representatives and the nominee representatives of Young Talents Support Program exchanged ideas during the meeting.

After the meeting, Dr. Wan Zheng came to CIN and communicated with Mr. Wang Qun, Secretary General of CIN, Mr. Gu Weiguo, Vice Secretary General, and relevant department heads on implementation of Young Talents Support Program as well as on how to draw on the experience from the exchange meeting.

Recommended by CIN, Dr. Wan Zheng from Shanghai Maritime University and Dr. Xu Minyi from Dalian Maritime University have been included in the Young Talents Support Program (2016-2018) by CAST. CIN will abide by the Regulations for CAST Young Talents Support Program and the Implementation Rules for CAST Young Talents Support Program, offer further support and training to the selected talents, summarize experience and explore innovative selecting and training mechanism for young science and technology talents, better seeking and supporting prominent young talents with potential to be leading figures in navigational S&T sector.