About CIN

China Institute of Navigation (CIN), a national, academic, non-profit social organization with community legal person, is composed of the voluntary units and personnel engaged in the maritime industry. CIN is an important social force to develop our national maritime science and technology, bridging and linking the Chinese Communist Party and government with maritime science and technology workforce.

The mission of CIN is to promote the maritime culture and to respect knowledge and talents. We advocate "dedication, innovation, pragmatism and cooperation," unite and organize the maritime science and technology workers, and adhere to the basic line of the Party, taking economic construction as the center, insisting that science and technology is the first productive forces, implementing the strategy of developing the country through science and education, the strategy of enriching the state by talents talent and sustainable development strategy, thoroughly applying the Scientific Outlook on Development, in order to promote the prosperity and development of the maritime industry and maritime science and technology, to accelerate the growth of the talents in maritime science and technology and to enhance the combination of science and technology and the economy, so as to serve for the socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization construction.

CIN complies with the Constitution and relevant laws, regulations and policies and abide by social morality. CIN aims to build a modern corporate governance structure and operational mechanism and work independently and responsibly in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and democratic principles of establishing groups. We also firmly carry out the requirement of separating government and community, clarifying rights and obligations, exercising autonomy according to law, operating independently, competing orderly and optimizing the development, further improve the ability of innovation and service capabilities, and establish a modern social organization which is legally established, service-based, independently operated and self-disciplined.

CIN is subject to the guidance and supervision of China Science and Technology Association and the registration management authority under the leadership of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, and its business are supported by relevant departments of the State Council of the People's Republic of China.